Year of the Goat: 2020 Horoscope (Zodiac Goat Fortune & Personality)

The Goat is eighth in the order of all the Chinese zodiac animals. According to one folktale, the Jade Emperor decided that the order of the animals would be determined according to the order by which they arrived at his party. The Goat and the Deer set off together. Along the way, they came across a river. There were no boats so the only way across was by swimming. The Deer struggled and eventually gave up while the Goat persevered and arrived at the party after seven other animals.

a white goat feeding on grass

The Goat is associated with the Earthly Branch (地支—dì zhī) wèi (未) and the hours of 01:00-03:00 in the afternoon. In terms of yin and yang (阴阳—yīn yáng), the Goat is yin.

Goats are so selfless that they often hold back their interests for the sake of others.

In Chinese culture, the goat is also used as a symbol of filial piety. Xiè Zhì (獬豸) is a mythological one-horned goat that assisted the God of Justice, Gāo Yáo (皋陶). Along with the Celestial Stems (天干—Tiān gān), there is a 60-year calendrical cycle. The Earthly Branch of the Goat is associated with earth, but its years cycle through the five elements of nature (五行—wǔ xíng).


Personality and traits

Goats have tremendous perseverance in times of difficulty. They may appear gentle but they are strong and resilient. Goats carefully consider every aspect before making decisions. Because of their thoroughness, they rarely fail to complete tasks. They are also fond of children, animals, and nature. They are very tidy and like to keep their homes clean.

Goats don’t mind sharing their time and money as they tend to put the needs of others above their own. Their mild personalities make it easy for them to make friends. However, they are quite stubborn and can make communication with others difficult.

Fire1967, 2027These Goats are straightforward and highly appreciate loyal friends. They struggle a bit early on but live comfortably in the middle stages of their lives. They also need emotional support from friends.
Earth1979, 2039These Goats are fair and honest. Their careers are stable and they are always able to find help and guidance. However, their frankness can cause them to unintentionally hurt others. They are also unlucky when it comes to investments.
Metal1931, 1991These Goats are humble and selfless. They always put the needs of others above their own even if they are negatively affected. They are gifted and are likely to flourish in the fields of music or arts.
Water1943, 2003These Goats are responsible and kind. They appear gentle but they are strong inside. They want everything to go according to plan as they don’t adapt to sudden changes well. After their youth, they enjoy financial security and live pecefully.
Wood1955, 2015These Goats are very polite. They are always prepared to help others in need. On the other hand, they love to spend time alone even when they are married. Working overseas is most appropriate for their personalities.

Men born in the year of the Goat are very wall-mannered. They have genuine personalities and place great importance on their families. The people around them respect them because they are mature and listen to others intently. They also do everything they can to help others. These men are often the peacemakers during arguments and they can offer appropriate pieces of advice. However, they are sometimes pessimistic and they find it difficult to see the positive side of things. They also crave for attention and support.

Women born in the year of the Goat are attentive and can be counted on. They pay attention to even the smallest of details. They are also fond of socializing and are sensitive to the needs of others. These women can be depended on to perform their duties well but they are no great at solving problems. They often ignore warnings and end up making things more difficult than they should be.

Goat compatibility

Most compatible with Goat: Horse, Pig, and Rabbit

  • Goats and Horses help make up for the shortcomings of each other and they have similar standards.
  • Pigs and Goats are attracted to each other because of their similar personalities.
  • Goats need someone to depend on and Rabbits are the best at this.

Least compatible with Goat: Ox, Rat, and Dog

  • Goats and Oxen are equally stubborn and neither of them is willing to take a step back for the sake of their relationship.
  • A relationship between Goats and Rats will be full of misunderstanding.
  • Although Goats have similar interests with Dogs, they find it difficult to understand each other.

Lucky things for Goats

  • Colors: green, red and purple
  • Numbers: 3, 4 and 9
  • Accessories/Ornaments: black or blue stone pendant
  • Auspicious directions: east, south, and southeast

Unlucky things

  • Colors: gold, brown and black
  • Unlucky numbers: 6,7 and 9
  • Unlucky direction: west

Careers fit for Goats

Because Goats are empathetic and love helping others, they are most suitable for jobs in the service industry such as nursing and care-taking. Goats can also excel in arts because they are intelligent and rarely run out of creative inspiration. This career path provides a stable environment in which they can feel safe and secure since they don’t need to worry about outside influence. They are not suited for competitive careers such as in investment and media. It would be too intense for them and may lead to anxiety.

Health and lifestyle

Goats aren’t necessarily the healthiest among the Chinese zodiac animals. In fact, their wellness is largely influenced by changes in the seasons. Their emotions can also get the better of them. They are often frustrated and stressed and even the pettiest problems can throw them off. This makes them likely to suffer mental health issues.

Goats are also prone to chronic colds with common symptoms like headache, sore throat, and a runny nose. Heart problems are also a major concern for them but they can be avoided through a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Goats in the Year of the Rat (2020)

The year of the Rat will be full of highs and lows for Goats. Having enjoyed a relatively stable previous year, they should expect 2020 to be more dramatic.Goats will have to work harder than usual to capitalize on great financial opportunities during the first half of the year. These resources should then be saved to prepare for the difficult years of the Ox, Tiger, and Rabbit.

In the second half, Goats may face some serious problems that can last a while. These obstacles will require strong persistence and commitment from them. However, they should see this as an opportunity to grow and bring out the best in them. As long as Goats remain optimistic throughout the year, everything should turn out fine.


The romance luck for Goats in the year of the Rat is mediocre. Single Goats can still expect to meet a few interesting people and maybe establish a relationship but they will most likely be just short-term.

Goats who are married or in a committed relationship must learn to settle problems more quickly. As long as they communicate well and continue to respect their partners, their relationship should flourish. The lucky months in romance are January, February, May, and September, while the unlucky months are March, August, November, and December.


The financial outlook for Goats in the year of the Rat is looking excellent. They are likely to make a profit but they have the tendency to spend it as soon as they get it.

When making financial decisions, Goats must learn to trust their own judgment and ignore the advice of so-called experts. They must avoid making investments and save as much as they can. They should also stay away from loans and gambling.

The lucky months in finance are January, February, May, September, and October. While the unlucky months are March, April, July, August, and December.


Goats should enjoy a relatively stable year for their careers in the year of the Rat. Those with full-time jobs have the chance to get a raise in salary or promotion, while freelancers and consultants will have many opportunities to make extra money. The lucky months in career are January, February, May, September, and October, while the unlucky months are March, July, and November.


Goats are expected to have a few issues with respect to their wellness in the year of the Rat, but they should not be causes for concern. They will most likely be common diseases like flu, colds. Nonetheless, they must keep a close eye on areas such as the digestive system, teeth, and kidney area.

Female Goats should particularly be mindful of what they eat and avoid cold raw food as much as possible. The unlucky months in health are January, April, June, and November.

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