Why do we celebrate new years eve – Happy New Year 2021

Why do we celebrate new years eve?: It’s the end of the year: it’s time to start over and make decisions and prepare for 2021.

But as long as the world depends until midnight, let’s take a moment to ask ourselves why people celebrate the New Year around the world at the time.
It turned out that the new year was not always on January 1, and still does not exist in some cultures.

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The ancient Mesopotamians celebrated the Akito Festival for the New Year for 12 days in the spring equinox, while the Greeks left the winter solstice on December 20. In the meantime, Roman historian Kansas said that Egyptians celebrated another tour of the sun on July 20, according to an article published in 1940 in The Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society.

During the Roman ages, March saw the beginning of the calendar. Then, at 46 a. C., Julio Caesar created the Julian calendar, which sets a new year when it is celebrated today, as previously reported by Live Science.

But even Julio Cesar could not unite today. The New Year celebrations continued alternately in the calendar until they arrived on Christmas Day at some moments until Pope Gregory XIII performed the Gregorian calendar in 1582. The Gregorian calendar was an attempt to make the calendar stop roaming respectfully to the stations. Because the Julian calendar was approaching additional years of necessity, by 1500, the first days of spring came ten days earlier.
Although the New Year’s choice is arbitrarily arbitrary from a planetary perspective, there is a wonderful astronomical event happening at this time: Earth is closer to the sun in early January, a point is known as the bottom.

Today, January 1 is almost universally recognized as the beginning of the new year, despite some barriers: Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iran, Nepal, and Saudi Arabia are adopting their own treaty agreements.

How do people in your country celebrate New Year’s Eve?

Different religions celebrate their new year at different times. For example, the Jewish Calendar is a lunar, New Year’s Festival, Rosh Hashanah, usually held between September and October. The Islamic calendar is also lunar, and the New Year calendar can vary greatly. For example, in 2008, the New Islamic Year was celebrated on December 29, while it will arrive on September 22, 2017. Meanwhile, the Chinese calendar is also a lunar, but the Chinese New Year is celebrated between January 21 and February. 20.

The last night of December is celebrated as New Year’s Day and in our country, New Year’s Eve and special fireworks are organized on New Year’s Eve each year to welcome next year. This is a new beginning and people want to start a new year by wishing for wonderful New Year messages and New Year Jokes.

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