Where are the best places to spend new years in Europe 2021?

New year’s eve is a very precious moment and spends time on this day more precious.

In Europe, there are lots of things doing on new year eve. Some are going to see fireworks display some are going outside in alone places to take some rest. Some are going to lakes, seas, and some visit the best places in Europe to spend new years.

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Everyone’s are on new years vacations and they spend time with their family Here are we suggest you some best destination to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe.

Everyone tired of staying in one place and seeing the same old routine. Visit these Places and Discovers New memories, new environment, new people and the new destination.

best places to spend new years in Europe

Best places to spend new years in Europe 2021

  1. London
  2. Berlin, Germany
  3. Edinburgh, Scotland
  4. Porto, Portugal
  5. Madeira
  6. Reykjavik
  7. Ibiza
  8. Paris
  9. Pag (Island in Croatia)

1. London

London special place at the end of the year. The light in the city and withdraw all anchorage facilities in the city, such as New Year’s Eve in London a memorable occasion.

In this way, is more and more loved Oazaik at the same time and from the chants that until the year 2021 in the middle of the night, New Year’s Eve, there will be in the sky of London in the night, the pile of light and color with fireworks display Suspendisse of the river in the most famous South Bank in London, they also brought in the Mayor of London, and UNICEF.

London continues to enter the new year on January 1, given at a meeting of the New Year’s Day.

This year the thirtieth year of 8500, this will be a march in London where artists representing 20 countries all over the world and on every London borough, teams including water, cheerleaders, clowns and acrobats, and much more

2. Berlin, Germany

New York Celebrates New Year’s Eve – when he was worth approximately one million guests to the Brandenburg Gate in 2021 welcome.

There is the tradition, furnished with all kinds of food – a period of time no longer sit seen in the light of the laser, and the hangings for the court passing a certain food, in addition to the concerts of the grass.

Stress Fireworks display begins at midnight to the point – represents glasses, in which visitors Bzoarha year. Concerts continue into the following small hours!

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

New York Hogmanay is the best and largest New Year’s Eve celebration in the world. Things start on December 30 and April by torchlight wonderful.

Mile to join the thousands of torchbearers to the fire, out of the palace with the pomp of the birth, from the river even to the historical Allheir to the Calton and the Son and of the Hill.

Hogmanay on the very day, the work of the leaders of the mover in the Street into the heart of the center of the city of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, taking in the magnificent in his mercy.

About 80,000 people take part in the New Year at a concert in the gardens and offer live music and other entertainment dazed band Biffy Clyro and carrots, giant screens and bars in the open air, and of course, London Hogmanay media elements famous in the world, in the castle. walls

4. Porto, Portugal

You can celebrate the New Year’s Eve in the majority of places in the whole of the city was a harbor.

December 31, there are ways and strategies for the concerts that are kind of detailed options to choose from the thousands of tourists who came to celebrate the New Year.

The majority of Avenida dos Aliados Street, in front of Porto City Hall.

The place where they have gathered many people together, and the procession of the ages of the Music in the night.

However, if you prefer, you can spend the New Year’s Eve in another way based on the ships of the Douro is different from the one board on the cruise, the river, Fill the men, who in this night, for example.

The nocturnal panic during protracted labor Porto clubs in the morning.


4. Madeira – Best Representations of the fireworks in the world


Make sure the refraction of the sun’s rays to a year lush tropical vegetation and greatest in the world of fireworks Madeira one of the best places in Europe to spend the New Year’s Eve.

The arrival of the Magi, the most exotic island of the continent is Celebrated the New Year alone in the firmament of the bright lights of Funchal, and in the show.

Madeira is a stunning display of 10 minutes of the sea, For right well, He observed the flight of the ships of these things with him. As the mountains are round about, and the things that are excellent places in the city of Funchal Bay.

5. Reykjavik – Fire and unique opportunity, and the Northern Lights


That is New Year’s Eve is a sophisticated form of Reykjavik, which is the major capitals in Europe, but at least they do have the wonderful experience.

Above all, it offers the public procession through the city and state laws in the country, the locals but also comfortable to use about 500 tons of fire torches in the sky creating a living hell, and the light show.

If you’re one of those, or you just want to organize your party fireworks this year, this is the first comprehensive guide to buy fireworks retailer in the UK, Nature Gods, that would certainly be beneficial.

Further, the use of a New Year’s Eve to meet local residents around the fire. There are also, organize it all in the 10 out of the city, the people came to sing songs, and the dances, the burning, that it is the all of the denial that by the year.

It is an interesting tradition look Áramótaskaup the country year comedy show. Dance and play of the year to belong to the night, the night clubs, the bars, the friends of Icelanders.

If you’re lucky, you can see the dawn of the New Year’s Eve in Reykjavik break.

6. Ibiza

Ibiza Island is famous for its nightlife, so this is a great breed with the best player in Europe in the night you get your fun on your New Year’s ring.

If you want to enjoy this special day, this is the beloved or at home, the President of the luxury hotel Hacienda O Xamine has a body in which all the things that make you happy.

Celebrate the eve of the year the club is the most symbolic in the world! On this important day, various decorative Pasha is the only big world club here tourists. Keep your eyes on the mouth, the rest of the treatment.

Hotel Talamanca Poke Hotel Marino Hotel, There are some good hotel numbers.

7. Paris

Paris offers the widest range of entertainment and fun for the Christmas holidays next year.

If you want to be one of the best places to spend the new year, then you need Paris without it. Paris looks great with its amazingly large collection at the Champs-Elysées on New Year’s Eve.

London is the best way to store the celebration of New Year’s Eve events without at least the following areas – for dinner and sightseeing Bistro Paris and Champagne for this show are horses.

Where every family to ship it in the Seine is a welcome dinner for the New Year with the Lobo Lobo girls leading a horse or cutting Paris. Whatever you think the future of football is different in Paris.

Where to stay – stay in regular hotels and there is always to choose the new year as a special place on something special day in the country in Eiffel Garibaldi.

8. Pag

Old parties and celebrations tired or bored of the same faces again on New Year’s Eve? Well, a great choice for you to fly for several years the best places to spend – the Bagu islands.

100, when he went on, you will be like the Italians, mostly mainstream, attracting what happened to the island. The night is a lot, and it’s in the health, and its a beach in the Zrce 2021 it jumps around

During the nightlife is fun so you can choose the New Year at home, the island spend time with the locals, some clubs have fun with the best wine to taste. It will be a year because it always is always licking fresh and salt island of Bagh.

Where to stay in love – a great hotel restaurant, so that Tony and Mary do not have tourist needs.

Hope you guys like the collection of the best places to spend new years in Europe 2021. For more update Stay Tune. Happy New Year 2021

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