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Best Places to Spend New Year’s 2021 Event in Los Angeles California.  Images, greetings and Quotes For Happy New Year 2021

Get ready to ring in 2021 in Los Angeles. We’re on the hunt for epic parties and incredible shows that will have you and your friends talking about this New Year’s Eve for years to come. We’ll be updating this collection until December 31st, so hit “follow” to know as soon as new events are added.

It is very easy to do just copy the status or image for a happy new year 2021 and paste where you want to wish blessings.

We’re as excited about the New Year as anyone. But you know what we’re not looking forward to? New Year’s Eve parties that charge $30 at the door. Prix-fixe dinners at restaurants that don’t care if you ever come back again. Sure, we want to send off 2020 in style, but we also don’t want to break the bank. So let’s all take up an early resolution: to take advantage of the amazing, free New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve events in L.A.

Ready to part ways with this year? Whether you’re just visiting or a seasoned local, our guide to New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles will help you find the best events and parties in the city—from family-friendly activities to adult affairs. Want to ring in the new year with a full belly and a champagne toast? Check out our lists of the most romantic restaurants and classy hotel bars and lounges. Want to dance? Sweat out the last of your worries at one of the best dance clubs in L.A. Whatever your plans, get ready for the best New Year’s ever. Hello, new year!

Here’s where you can see New Year’s Eve fireworks in L.A.


You may not be able to see the ball drop live in Los Angeles, but there are still plenty of impressive shows to be seen come December 31. Though there are a lot of New Year’s Eve parties across the city, these events are a cut above the rest thanks to one extra-sparkly factor: fireworks. There might not be a ton of official New Year’s Eve firework shows in Los Angeles, but there are quite a few options on how to view the ones that are taking place.

Celebrate 2021’s arrival at these New Year’s Day events in L.A.

Some of us will spend the morning after New Year’s Eve nursing a hangover or hiding underneath the covers. But for those looking to seize on the promise of another year, there are a handful of New Year’s Day events to get a jumpstart on 2021. From a polar plunge in Venice to a century-old Pasadena tradition, these are the best New Year’s Day events.

Spend the night at these New Year’s Eve concerts in L.A.


Looking for a foolproof way to ring in the new year beyond the usual New Year’s Eve parties and fancy-pants dinners? The answer is easy: New Year’s Eve concerts. Count down to midnight at a live music venue during one of these upcoming concerts in L.A. We’ve got plenty of options on our list of the best New Year’s Eve concerts in L.A.

20 New Year’s resolutions of 2021 for every Angeleno

Lose weight, drink more water, stop drunkenly hooking up with our exes whenever we’re single (or not single, yikes)… we all make New Year’s resolutions—whether we stick to them is another thing. This year, we decided to speak for the entire city: What could all of us Angelenos do (and not do) next year to make L.A. a better, more enjoyable place? We came up with a few solid resolutions.

We Angelenos should all probably resolve…


1. To use less water. For real this year.

2. To walk more, sign up for a membership in the new bike-sharing program and maybe even take Metro to get around to help reduce the number of cars on the road. 

3. To cut back on middle finger usage and honking while driving.

4. To not get as many parking tickets as we did this year.

5. To finally get serious about earthquake safety, including prepping an emergency kit.

6. To check out and support more local bands this year.

7. To discover new neighborhoods—or get out of L.A. entirely every once in a while.

8. To take time to appreciate all the beautiful vintage architecture around us, because you never know when those historic buildings might get torn down. 

9. To keep our career momentum going—or maybe try to get hired for something that pays a little better.

10. To make a nighttime visit to Grand Central Market to try the dinner and drinks options rather than just sticking to our usual morning Eggslut routine.

11. To pull that tent out of storage and go on a camping adventure.

12. To make a difference in our community by volunteering and donating to local charities.

13. To read more, ideally in one of L.A.’s beautiful libraries.

14. To embrace our healthy culture. We make no apologies for doing yoga and eating vegan.

15. To go to the beach more than three times a year.

16. To knock a few more of these so-L.A. things to do off our list.

17. To stop staging the same Instagram photos as everybody else and find some new inspiration of our own in 2021.

18. To continue to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer and never settle for less. 

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Here is the list of selected cities, towns, and other populated places in the United States, ordered alphabetically by state.

Happy New Year 2021 in Houston, Texas.Happy New Year 2021 in Los Angeles, Calif.
Happy New Year 2021 inPhiladelphia, Pa.Happy New Year 2021 in Chicago, Ill.
Happy New Year 2021 in Phoenix, Ariz.Happy New Year 2021 in Baltimore, Md.
Happy New Year 2021 in San Antonio, Tex.Happy New Year 2021 in New Orleans, La.
Happy New Year 2021 in Arlington, Tex.Happy New Year 2021 in Wichita, Kans.
Happy New Year 2021 in Cleveland, OhioHappy New Year 2021 in Tulsa, Okla.
Happy New Year 2021 in Minneapolis, Minn.Happy New Year 2021 in Oakland, Calif.
Happy New Year 2021 in Miami, FloridaHappy New Year 2021 in San Diego, Calif.
Happy New Year 2021 in Dallas, Tex.Happy New Year 2021 in San Jose, Calif.
Happy New Year 2021 in Austin, Tex.Happy New Year 2021 in New York, N.Y.
Happy New Year 2021 in Jacksonville, FlHappy New Year 2021 inSan Francisco, Calif
Happy New Year 2021 in Indianapolis, IndHappy New Year 2021 inHappy New Year 2021 Happy New Year 2021 in inColumbus, Ohio
Happy New Year 2021 in Fort Worth, TexHappy New Year 2021 in Charlotte, N.C
Happy New Year 2021 in Detroit, MichHappy New Year 2021 in El Paso, Tex
Happy New Year 2021 in Seattle, WashingtonHappy New Year 2021 in Denver, Colo
Happy New Year 2021 in Washington, DCHappy New Year 2021 in Memphis, Tenn
Happy New Year 2021 in Boston, Mass.Happy New Year 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee
Happy New Year 2021 in Oklahoma City, Okla.Happy New Year 2021 in Portland, Ore.
Happy New Year 2021 in Las Vegas, Nev
Happy New Year 2021 in Milwaukee, Wis.Happy New Year 2021 inAlbuquerque, N.M.
Happy New Year 2021 in Tucson, Ariz.Happy New Year 2021 in Fresno, Calif.
Happy New Year 2021 in Sacramento, Calif.Happy New Year 2021 in Long Beach, Calif.
Happy New Year 2021 in Kansas City, Mo.Happy New Year 2021 in Mesa, Ariz.
Happy New Year 2021 in Atlanta, Ga.Happy New Year 2021 in Virginia Beach, Va.
Happy New Year 2021 in Omaha, Nebr.Happy New Year 2021 in Colorado Springs, Colo.
Happy New Year 2021 in Raleigh, N.C. Happy new Year in the different countries of the world

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