STRATO increases the performance and storage capacity of its Servers

STRATO has announced essential changes in its portfolio of Servers, both Virtual and Dedicated. The company has increased the storage capacity and upgraded its hardware to offer the latest technology that provides more excellent performance and availability. The client area has also been optimized and modernized, making it much more natural, complete, and easy to use.

On all servers, the traffic is always unlimited and free. The server connection stays around 100MB. STRATO servers are equipped for all kinds of needs. If more processing power is ever needed, it can be easily expanded.

The German company has increased the storage capacity and improved the hardware of all its servers.

The security of STRATO Servers is maximum since they are located in certified high-security data centers. A 3-level security concept governs STRATO. From hardware to data transmission, it’s all designed for maximum protection and availability.

Plesk Onyx

All Servers include Plesk Onyx that allows managing an unlimited number of domains, in addition to facilitating simple administration with an intuitive interface for centralized control of customers, distributors, domains, subscriptions, service plans, and easy monitoring of the server status. It has technical support for Docker, Git, Ruby & Node, a management tool for WordPress, optimal security with Security Core, ModSecurity, Fail2Ban and Outbound Antispam, Automatic Backups, Mobile Server Monitor, and many extras such as SSH access, its Chroot-Shell and Webmail.

With Plesk Repair Tool, you can make automatic repairs and restore the server directly in the control panel, and it also incorporates the new WordPress toolkit.

Virtual servers

The Virtual Servers have been increased storage capacity and now have more CPU and RAM. The storage capacity has doubled compared to the previous ones, maintaining the company’s quality-price ratio characteristic in the Spanish market. STRATO VPS offers full root access to customize the server. They include numerous free features, such as BackupControl, Monitoring Services, STRATO RecoveryManager, or STRATO TrafficControl.

They offer the maximum space of memory and SSD disks to increase the speed of reading and writing. In this way, the processing is much faster. Thanks to the high-performance HP 3PAR storage platform, virtual servers offer SSD / HDD memory.

Dedicated Servers

The more powerful and faster AMD Opteron 1381, Intel Xeon E3-1230v3, Intel Xeon D-1540, and Intel Xeon E-1650 processors have been implemented in the Dedicated Servers. Also, they have 250GB BackUp space for FTP.

STRATO Dedicated Servers include the free TrafficControl tool to analyze server traffic with detailed statistics on consumption, both for the last month and the current month. This way, you are always informed and can react quickly to any divergence from regular traffic.

They also have the RecoveryManager tool that allows access to the server at all times, even if it is impossible to access usually. No waiting or additional costs. With the remote console, you can always be connected to the server, even in a reboot. Other outstanding tools and functionalities are ClusterIP to create failover scenarios for greater flexibility and reliability, and Gigabit Uplink or Gigabit uplink, which increases the switch’s port that connects the server to 1,000 Mbit / s. This ensures that your server connection continues to function 100% even with a high volume of data.

With SecurityScan or security analysis, you can review the system to find security holes, vulnerabilities, or outdated software.

Updated: March 24, 2021 — 10:17 am

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