Merry Christmas wishes text 2019 for Friends and Family

Merry Christmas wishes text for Friends and Family: People can feel love all year, but there is a time when we are most eager to express it to others, and that beautiful time is called Christmas, for all of them these Christmas messages.

We know that you are already preparing beautiful details to dedicate to your parents, your siblings, your friends, etc., but have you already prepared something for your better half?

Whatever your answer, if you like you can help to provide a super special gift with the following Christmas phrases we have for you in the following lines.

We hope that you give them a look at all of them and choose the ones that you like the most.

Original Merry Christmas wishes text to send:

“My love, today I send you a million hugs and kisses because my heart has more feelings for you in this beautiful time of the year.

Merry Christmas, sweetheart! I hope that today and always you have in your face that smile so sweet that it does nothing but fall in love more and more every day “.
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“You do not know how much joy you want to express my whole being for the great happiness that you are giving me today. We will spend our first Goodnight together! I have prepared everything for us to live a beautiful moment full of love. May the Baby Jesus bless our union and allow us to celebrate a thousand more Christmases! “.
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“Merry Christmas, king of my heart! Although we will not see each other today because we will be with our families to receive the Good Night, I want you to know that we are never really separated since I carry you in my heart, and I know that you also take me in yours “.
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“The sweetest party of the year, Christmas. My love, I can give it to you all year, but today I offer it to you together with the great and infinite love of God, who today becomes a man and comes to us as a Child in the manger Happy Christmas, good night! “.
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Christmas wishes images 2019

“I want to take advantage of these beautiful end of the year parties to ask you to be my girlfriend. This is the time of love and union, so I do not find a better time than this to formalize our union.

I hope that you open the doors of your heart and that our blessed God may pour out his grace on us now that the hour of his birth is approaching. ”
Christmas wishes images

Christmas wishes images

“My partner, you are a beautiful gift from the Lord and I am very happy to receive Christmas after I have met you because I have one more reason to thank God for the gift of life. I love you, Merry Christmas!”
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“I can hardly believe that today will be the first time that we live a Christmas together as husbands.

I am very happy to have met you, and I know that God will bless us with many more beautiful moments if on this Good Night we receive it with all our hearts. ”
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“Christmas becomes much more special when I live with you at my side. Close your eyes with me, sweetheart, and thank the Child God, who is born today, for joining us. Merry Christmas, may God bless our relationship and also our families!”.

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“Sweetie Merry Christmas! It pains me a little that I can not spend this moment with you, but I know that you will live an unparalleled Christmas Eve together with your dear relatives. I love you! ”

Phrases to send at Christmas to my friend and girlfriend

Do not stop sending these special and beautiful Christmas phrases for the beloved, you will see that you will encourage him a lot and you will spread the spirit of the Good Night.

Christmas is very beautiful, but it is always better when you live with someone who makes your heart sigh. We hope you liked these phrases.

Cute wishes for Merry Christmas for WhatsApp.

Christmas always brings with it feelings that you can not keep inside you and it is necessary that you externalize them so that you feel that unfailing happiness that occurs when we put our selfishness aside and prepare ourselves to share the good thoughts and feelings that are proper to this date.

Surely you have a long list of people who would like to send a greeting but not having enough time to see them personally you can put in your WhatsApp some message allusive to this time as well as send your Christmas greetings to all the contacts you have in your mobile.

Best Short messages for Christmas cards

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In this article, you will find cute and original phrases to share your wishes for the arrival of Christmas.
The best Christmas messages to send by cell phone:

“I wish this Christmas is so special that you have the goodwill to share this great emotion with your loved ones”.
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“For each beautiful Christmas you have celebrated in your past, multiply those that will come with magic and fantasy.

You just have to have your heart full of emotion so that you can spread your enthusiasm for these Christmas holidays. ”
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Find beautiful phrases to send to my girlfriend at Christmas: “I wish you a Merry Christmas, to you who are a good-hearted person and who are always willing to give a smile or give your help to those who need it, for being so special I wish you happy Christmas holidays. ”
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“Because Christmas is coming we must fill your heart with joy and greet with the best welcome the baby Jesus. Happy Holidays”.
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“So do not receive Christmas in a wooden cabin with Snow or do not appear in the sky the moon and the silver stars, that your joy and fervor to receive this celebration in the warmth of your home will never be extinguished”.
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Beautiful Merry Christmas texts for WhatsApp:

“The Magic of Christmas you put your, with your joy, with the preparations and details you have to highlight that you are infected by this spirit that always hovers in those who will live this holiday to celebrate the son of God.”
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“I wish you a Merry Christmas with all my heart and that these days you have within your heart a constellation of good feelings and joy to share with your loved ones”.
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“We are about to celebrate Christmas, bring to all your loved ones joy, hope and harmony”.
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“May this Christmas Eve always be magical because today the baby Jesus that you have as an ornament in a manger is symbolically born and be happy because inside your heart you will receive the blessing and renewal of your Christian faith”.
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“Because I cannot avoid sharing the feelings I carry inside my heart I send you my greetings of a happy Christmas with the hope that when you receive them you will share them with your family”.
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Cards with Christmas dedications for facebook:

“You are happy at Christmas because you feel in your heart that the Savior has been born to give you with his candor the best gifts that every human being should receive to be happy”.
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“Merry Christmas to all the people who look forward to the arrival of this party and feel enveloped in feelings that invite them to peace and forgiveness”.
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“It would be beautiful for all people to join hands on this Christmas Eve to make a giant round in which everyone can wish each other a Merry Christmas.”
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“I love parties because they give me special emotions and I want to take advantage of this joy that I carry in my soul to wish you a nice Christmas”.
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“Christmas should be felt even in the air that you breathe and fill your heart with joy and serenity”.
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Share some of these beautiful Christmas phrases to express through them the emotion that brings you to reopen the hopes in your heart to celebrate happy holidays with the best wishes for your friends and family.

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