Happy New Year 2021 Tennessee || New Year 2021 Celebrations in Tennessee USA

Happy New Year 2021 Tennessee || New Year 2021 Celebrations in Tennessee USA || The Best New Year’s Eve Fireworks Displays in Tennessee

For many celebrating the start of another year, the most important part is what happens at midnight. Tennessee knows how to have fun, and wherever you choose to spend New Year’s, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. There are many great spots where you can catch world-class fireworks shows, including:

  • 1. Gatlinburg

    This East Tennessee city is famous for its bluegrass music history, and its small population swells to 50,000 for the amazing New Year’s celebrations at the Space Needle on the Historic Nature Trail. Gatlinburg’s location near Great Smoky Mountains National Park is another major draw.

  • 2. Nashville

    The state’s largest city, Middle Tennessee’s Nashville is famous the world over for its country music traditions. The New Year’s celebrations feature amazing fireworks displays as well as big-name music performances. Check the lineup and come back each year to see new famous faces every time.

  • 3. Memphis

    In West Tennessee, renowned for its bluegrass music traditions, you can also enjoy huge performances followed by magnificent fireworks. This city’s NYE celebrations are known for their food stalls, which are great for filling up at over the course of the night as you soak up the vibrant Memphis atmosphere and look forward to another New Year.

    The Best Places for Families to Spend New Year’s Eve in Tennessee

    Tennessee locals exude Southern charm, and there’s a lot for families to see together in the state’s friendly atmosphere as they ring in the New Year.

    • 1. Johnson City

      Back in East Tennessee, spend the daw amid calmer ambiance at the foot of the Smoky Mountains before checking out the fantastic local live music performances and firework shows. Kids into fossils, nature, and science will love the Rocky Mount Living History Museum and the Hands On! Regional Museum. Roll around at the Family Skate Center, another hotspot for family activities.

    • 2. Murfreesboro

      This Middle Tennessee beauty is also fantastic for family activities before the big day. Check out the Discovery Center, a brilliant children’s museum including play exhibits and animals to look at, too. Also, many of Murfreesboro’s restaurants stay open late, letting you savor local Tennessee cuisine and a glass of champagne as you celebrate the arrival of another year.

    • 3. Jackson

      This West Tennessee city also has a range of superb spots for keeping kids entertained, including Rusty’s TV and Movie Car Museum, the N.C. & St. L. Depot and Railway Museum, and escape room experiences. Enjoy a champagne toast and contests at the New Year’s celebrations, or head to one of the grill houses for a more casual night of celebration.

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