Happy New Year 2021 Idaho || New Year 2021 Celebrations Idaho USA

We are so excited with the turn out for last year! With 2021 approaching next year we are already hard at work for new ideas. We would love to see your images and video. We would love to hear your ideas ad thoughts. Who would you like to listen to on the main stage while we ring in the new year? What activities would you like to see at the drop? We would love to hear from you Idaho because we love you!

Happy New Year from Great Expectations Painting! We have survived the presents, food and family. Now its time to look forward! Have some New Years resolutions to break? Finally going to start saving for that new car? That vacation to Hawaii going to happen? Part of what makes the New Year so much fun is the planning! Trying to keep resolutions to make yourself a better person is super fun and exciting. It usually doesn’t work, but “the thrill is in the hunt.”


While we don’t want to dampen you spirits at all (and chances are you might still be a bit hungover so we will keep it pretty simple), have you considered planning your home maintenance yet? Most local businesses (ours included. we aren’t any different!) are light on work coming out of the holiday season, and its the best time of year to search for deals! A Nu-Look Carpet Cleaning offers premier cleaning services in Coeur d’Alene and Hayden. They offer great discounts throughout the cold months. Im sure there are countless others as well. We also offer a discount on our bids for work in spring. If your looking to save some cash, make hiring home specialists a priority during the winter months. It will save you some serious money!

This past year we have been blogging pretty consistently. As our audience increases, we would love to get feedback on additional content you would like to see on our blog. If you have painting questions, or general home repair questions, let us know! We would love to keep the insightful helpful content flowing!

This year we are excited to see what is in store for North Idaho! We love painting, and expect this to be our greatest year yet! Thanks again to all our great customers, and we can’t wait to see you in 2021!

Happy New Year!