Happy New Year Greetings – New Year Wishes, Messages, Quotes For Friends, Family, Business


Happy New Year 2021 Greetings: As December is coming up, everyone is getting excited for the New year. Right now almost every individual celebrate new year’s day and night. As it’s it’s not related to any culture or religion, no one can set any objection.

If you are looking for the best Happy New Year 2021 Greetings, Wishes, Messages or quotes here it’s a beautiful collection for you. The new year we are celebrating on 1st January was marked in the Gregorian calendar was adopted by the Roman Catholic Church in 1582. After that Christians celebrate this as a cultural festival which is probably the only religion which does so for the new year. Doing services in Church and prayers for the best future ahead for everyone is the usual activity they do on New Year’s night.

Happy New Year 2021 Greetings

It’s the time of lot’s parties and fun which will start right from 31st December’s night and carry on till 1st January’s night. A Happy New Year doesn’t bring special rituals and traditions but it’s basically the celebration for a fresh start. That’s why everyone should welcome the new year 2021 with an open heart and be positive for the future. People send Happy New Year 2021 Greetings, Messages, Wishes and Quotes with images and photos to each other on this beautiful time. The year 2021 gave us lot’s of memories and experiences, some of them were good while some could be bad or even worst. But a wise person only turns back to past only to take lessons not to cry after the mistakes and past happenings. That’s the moral of a new year as well because it’s like a newly born baby who is smiling at us and expecting the same.

Happy New Year Greetings

Happy New Year Greetings

Wishing you all good things in this New Year!
Have fun, joy, peace, love, care, luck and success ahead! Happy New Year to All my Friends!

Let’s Say Good Bye 2020.
When this year is in its last moment,
Make fun, spread love, be kindful,
live free and let’s do happy ending of 2021.
Happy new year in advance.

Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

ये Status नहीं एक प्यार भरा पन्ना है
आपको नया साल मुबारक हो ये मेरी तमन्ना है
Happy New Year 2021

  • We may be far apart but you are always in my heart. May you have a healthy and abundant New Year!

Happy New Year Greetings, Wishes 2021

As per Christian’s believe name of the very first year of the month, January is named after Janus which is the God with two faces one out of these looking forward while other backward. This significance of name completely justifies the value of January as it’s looking forward to a new year while looking backwards to the previous year. But people love the new journey and new opportunities and that’s why each of us loves the new year instead of the previous one. With the same gesture of feeling they send Happy New Year Greeting Wishes 2021 to the friends, family and loved ones.

I wish you all the blessings and success you truly deserve. Happy New Year my friend, all my prayers are with you.

I am sorry 😌मुझे भूल_जाना___plzzz😔
मैं 1 दिन के बाद आपको हमेशा के लिए छोड़ कर जा रहा हूँ…
आपका अपना 2021 😂
Wishing you a very joyful New Year 2021😇✌

I hope your life will be full of surprise and joy in the new year that’s about to begin. May You be blessed with everything you want in life.

Happy New Year, may the fortune and renewed creativity help you to make the right decisions in your professional and personal life!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

May you accomplish your goals for this New Year. I know you can do it. Best wishes for New Years.

New Year 2021 Greetings, Messages, Quotes For Friends & Family

Friends are family are two very vital things to have anyone in this life, not only for the humans but for other creature as well. Because without these two relationships in our life, we would always feel depression, lack of love and alone. Those who have a best friend in life and a family person should not miss a single chance to express their love and care about them. Happy New Year 2021 Greetings, Messages and Quotes for Friends and Family we are sharing are only for this purpose.

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“May the New Year bring you courage to break,
You resolutions early! My own plan is to swear off,
every kind of virtue, so that I triumph even when I fall
My New Year Wishes in 2021!”

May the New Year bring to you the warmth of love, and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination.

My family and friends,
I wish that this new year ahead throws at you much pleasure, health, work and winning in their life plans.

Happy New Year Greetings 2021 For Business

For many on this world, New year is the time to make resolutions too break their bad shades of habits and start good ones to bring back growth to the business. Along with such good habits, a business owner or company should not forget to their employees and clients on special occasion and celebration. These below Happy New Year 2021 Greetings for business are for such firm owners who want to send wishes to their business friends.

Let the old year end and the New Year begin with the warmest of aspirations. Happy New Year!

The new year stands before us,
like a chapter in a book,
waiting to be written.
We can help write that story by setting goals.

May the new year bring all the good things in life you truly deserve. You had an amazing year already & you’re going have another more amazing one!

“God gives You..,
12 Month of Happiness,
52 Weeks of Fun,
365 Days Success,
8760 Hours Good HEALTH,
52600 Minutes Good Luck,
3153600 Seconds of Joy..and that’s all!”

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