Best Places to Visit Australia on New Year Event-Happy New Year 2021


Australia is a vibrant and beautiful country surrounded by both the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. In Australia, during the new years eve the locals, as well as tourists, get together at famous places present throughout the cities and towns of the country to celebrate the bash and to have a sight of the jaw-dropping fireworks. Here are a few places to celebrate the New year 2021 in Australia which definitely make everyone’s visit worth memorable and enjoyable.A breath-taking sight of Sydney on New Year Eve.


New South Wales, Australia

  • Sydney:-

Sydney is surely the best place in the Australia to celebrate and spend the new year’s day. Every year on 31st December, many people ; the locals as well as the excited tourists rush towards the city’s popular harbour foreshore to catch a sight of the breath-taking and awe inspiring firework display. On New Year’s Eve, you can witness the variety of colourful and vibrant firework display starting from 09:00 PM to 12:00 AM. The major events of the city are directed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The best clubs are present to party all night. Don’t forget to visit this place for .

  • Famous Place: Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • Famous for: firework display, parties, food.


Victoria, Australia:-

  • Melbourne:-

On the night of New Year Eve, according to the Australian new year traditions, with the colourful and sparkling fireworks which are launched from many high towers of the city; the sky of Melbourne gets lit up completely. The Yarra River and the other famous sites of the city are crowded with large numbers of locals, expats and the tourists. Before the fireworks display, in the Yarra Park, a carnival is organized having food, drinks, performances and many other exciting activities. So before going to the Yarra river bank to have a glimpse of firework make sure to be a part of the carnival celebrations.

  • Famous Place: Yarra River Bank.
  • Famous for: firework display & carnivals.

Western Australia, Australia:-

  • Perth:-

If you are in Perth and its New Year Eve you  are lucky as you are going to experience the most interesting and exciting festivities which include street performances, mask-making activity, live music concerts, animated movies. You must head to Northbridge suburb in order to enjoy these amazing performances and musicals. It celebrations start as early as 06:00 PM. If you are looking to enjoy a live music concert head to the East Perth’s New Years eve celebrations, where a band of talented musicians will entertain you with a live music show.

  • Famous Place:
  • Famous for:Live music, street plays, and other interesting activities.


Tasmania, Australia:-

  • Hobart :-

The famous and well-known Tasmanian Festival which is organized through the months of December and January; is hosted by the Hobart city. In Australia New year celebrations are more significant rather than just welcoming the new year. Here you can enjoy the finest locally produced cider, wine, and beer. On 31st of December ever year the festival continues up until the mid-afternoon and the festival is open to all visitors. The Australian new year food traditions include offering handcrafted premium cheese, local sea urchins, pear cider and pinot noir. Before going to the Festival make sure to buy the ticket and wander as much as you can.

  • Famous Place:12 Franklin Wharf, Brooke Street Pier.
  • Famous for:Local dishes & music concerts.


Southern Australia, Australia:-

  • Adelaide:-

In Adelaide, you can enjoy a mesmerizing and jaw dropping firework display on New Year’s Eve. The sky above the River Torrens brightens up completely at 09:00 PM and at midnight when a large number of firecrackers are launched leaving the viewers awe inspire. Visitors can go to the Elder Park and can attend the live music concerts which are hosted by many talented musicians and their show can be enjoyed while biting the local Australian new year food found on the food stalls accommodated by the park.

  • Famous Place: Elder Park.
  • Famous for:firework display, enjoying live music concerts and relishing on local cuisine dishes


Queensland, Australia:-

  • Brisbane:-

Brisbane’s Story Bridge is the best place to experience a fun-filled and exciting celebrations of New Year in Australia, as this place is the major spot of all the celebrations. On the New Year’s day, the bridge looks extremely heavenly with the colourful ,bright and  sparkling lights surrounding it. There are a massive number of freworks, launched from the rooftops of the buildings and  from the barges at the river bank. In Brisbane, 2 firework displays are held on New Year’s eve; one displayed at 9 PM and the second displayed at midnight.

  • Famous Place: Story Bridge.
  • Famous for: firework display.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About New Year In Australia

Q: How does New Year is celebrated in Australia ?

A: New Year in Australia is celebrated in various delightful and vibrant ways. There are beautiful and massive fireworks, late night parties in the club, music concerts or festivals, and many other exciting events arranged  in the major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, etc. Scroll up to  see all places you can visit and celebrate your New Year 202 i1n Australia.

Q: Do shops operate in Australia on New Year’s Day?

A: No,  almost all shops in Australia are closed on January 01.

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