Happy Chinese New Year greetings for the Year of the rat

Find out Chinese new year greetings 2020 for the Year of rat and Send to your relatives and freinds good wish.

Happy Chinese New Year greetings for the Year of the rat

Below check the list of Chinese New year greetings 2020 for the year of the rat.

1. Wife is home, the lover is a flower; salary is for home, bonus buys flowers; sick home, good to see flowers; I hope you will always go home to see in the new year, but don’t forget to water the flowers.

2. I wish you a happy New Year and laugh: the career is happy, the body is healthy and comfortable, the lovers meet and smirk, look at the sketches, laugh, the lottery wins secretly smile, see the leader can not smirk!

3. On a festive day, send a festive text message, through the festive time and space, to the festive, send a festive blessing. I hope that you will be happy forever. Happy New Year’s Day!

4. New Year’s arrival, send you a table of New Year’s Eve, I wish you peace of mind! A plate of gold and jade is full of people, I hope that you will have a lot of fortune, full of blessings, and a fortune in a season. I hope that your financial resources will be rolling and your career will be high.

5. The company is like a big tree full of monkeys, look up all **, look down all smiles, look around is all eyes and ears. New Year is coming, I wish you to climb up two more, see more smiles and less **!

6. You didn’t ask me to eat in the past year. How about? The Spring Festival said? You are welcome, I will be satisfied with a thousand dollars! Happy New Year!

7. I use the blessing to form a red sweater, weaving a red sweater for you: the front is safe, the back is happy; the auspicious is the shoulder, wishful in the sleeves; the collar is thoughtful, the pocket is full of happiness! Let my heart accompany you through the New Year!

8. happy like fakes more and more, troubles like interest is getting less and less, wages like oil prices are getting higher and higher, friendship like the stock market is getting more and more secure, I wish a happy new year!

9. When humans think, God laughs. God laughed and came on New Year’s Day. As soon as New Year’s Day arrives, the gift will be received. As soon as the gift is received, happiness is broadcast. Happiness is broadcast and blessings are sent.

10. Such as wine, cold wind gently blowing Liu, ** opened for a long time, where are you running? The weather has been cold for a long time, have you added clothes? The city does not let the dog, the master hit you? Ping An can call, free of my heart, the owner.

11. The Spring Festival, the wonderful programs have been staged: singing, not singing, is the spread of express; jumping, not dance, is the spread of joy; performing, not a sketch, is the voice of blessing. I wish you a happy Spring Festival!

12. A friend, to say a word to you, I am the most liked person in the world to make friends, whether it is domestic or foreign, I like it, of course, I prefer to pay a girlfriend; bless you can be like me, more Make a girlfriend, no longer lonely in the New Year.

13, and the wind and rain, the world, happy to welcome the New Year. Love is full of love for a hundred years, and happy life is boundless. Hong Fu Gao Zhaofu is infinite, and Tian Xiang Xiang Rui body health. Everything goes well with good luck, happy and happy. Happy new year!

14. New Year is coming, miss is my hope, SMS is my book, breeze is my hug, wine is my heart, bell is my greeting, fireworks is my wish, snowflake is my greeting card, Happiness is my blessing!

15. Dear, remember the day you separated from me, what did you say? You said, I will wait for you to come back here, you did it, you did wait for me, but you found someone to wait with you. But anyway, I still wish you a happy new year!

Year of the rat 2020 Greetings and wishes

1. I will send you a Spring Festival food, the main ingredients: sincere, miss, happy; special nutrition: warm, happy; manufacturer: your friend; effective period: a lifetime. I wish you all the best and family fun!

2. The Spring Festival, you will smash the money wind, licking the banknote rain, mad under the gold and silver, diamond ice, long emerald tree, hanging pearl cream, raw agate fruit, be careful! Happy Chinese New Year!

3. New Year’s greetings, let the wind of the new spring blow into your house, let the snow of the new spring fly into your house, let my New Year’s wishes, drift into your heart.

4. He Spring Festival holiday is really tired: buy tickets and other queues, row after row; the crowd is crowded, the front chest is attached to the back; friends meet, open and drink enough; get up early to get up early, the body is a little tired. Send a text message to remind you, remember, the health is the most precious.

5. I wish you all the best in the seasons of the seasons, 12 months a year, months, months, health and well-being, 52 weeks a week, Zhou Zhou fine and wonderful, 365 days a year happy every day.

6. In the large area this evening, sometimes the renminbi sometimes has a Hong Kong dollar, and there may be a US dollar in the southeast. The sentence is full of http://Www.1juzI.coM/some areas even have gold nuggets! Meteorology** reminds you: wearing a helmet, carrying a sack, ready to make a fortune!

7. He day will be a blessing to you, you must first call its mobile phone, ring its bell, shake its movements, brighten its screen, show its text, pass a series of blessings, to laugh. Finally, I wish you a happy new year and smile every day!

8. Happy Chinese New Year! I wish you a good source of money, like a fat rat; body is great, like a bear; love is sweet, beautiful like a bee; good luck again and again, more like a cow!

9. I wish you a new year: good things are double, go out the most beautiful scenery, the world is your king, the game has been over the Qin Shihuang; everyone holds your field, eat meat, drink soup, banknotes straight into the pocket.

10. A flower has been used for a long time, withered and reluctant to lose; an umbrella for a long time, the rain stopped and can not afford to receive; a road has been going for a long time, the dark cannot go to the head; a sentence waited for a long time: wish the Spring Festival happy!

11. On the occasion of the new year, I wish you, big fortune, small fortune, unexpected wealth, financial resources rolling; family, friendship, love, affection; official transport, fortune, peach blossom, transport and prosperity; love, relatives, friends, people People are safe!

12. I am sorry, I am in a hurry to send you a text message so early, I hope to forgive. Tell me if you wake up, if not, you go to sleep, if you wake up, you will go to sleep, I just want to tell you that the New Year’s bell just sounded.

13. Annual blessings to send every year, this year blessing to exchange text messages; just a few warm words, I wish you warm and happy; New Year’s greetings are safe, lucky luck often accompanied; I wish you all the best, the whole family is more healthy, happy New Year!

14. Xiaohu cried very sadly. Mom asked: What are you crying? Xiaohu said: I feel very stupid. Mom comforted him: Child, don’t cry, people who read this text message are stupid than you! Oh, happy new year!

15. Is real gold, never afraid of fierce flames; is Qingsong, never afraid of the long cold; Haiyan, never afraid of scratching the sky lightning; is stupid, still staring at the text silly look!

Chinese New Year 2020 Greetings rat Year

1. Happy New Year! Dear, because I took your hand, I have to grab your hand. Give you happiness and happiness forever?

2. Welcome to the new year of the new year, the God of Wealth strode to the door, congratulations to Tim Fu and make a fortune, a pair of men and women, work smoothly and salary, the boss smiled.

3. The New Year arrives: I wish you Pepsi, all things Fanta, every day Wahaha, Yue Yue Le Pepsi, every year high Lego, mood like Sprite, always eye-catching, happy, smooth and smooth!

4. Because of the dream, so wonderful. Because it is full, it is happy. Because of care, it is warm. Because of missing, so sweet. Because of trust, it is practical. Because of you, no longer alone. happy Chinese New Year 2020.

5. This new year message is coming by the heat wave that swept through! May you have the financial strength of Buffett, the compact body of Furong, the social status of the five-bar, the enthusiasm for the salt tide, the enrichment of the water, the happiness and the higher the price!

6. I wish you a wife in the rat year is Xiao Zhao, the friend who made the appointment is Linghu Chong, be a man like Qiao Feng, come out like a small treasure!

7. It is difficult to buy tickets, it is difficult to go to the sky. Sighing in the queue, the dragons are crowded and I don’t know where to queue. The leg hurts and the mouth is dry and dry. I want to find the heart of the yellow cow, but I am afraid that the money will be drained. If there is a good law to pass this, it will never be difficult.

8. Happy new year, happy new year, bless everyone happy new year, we sing, we dance, wish everyone a happy new year! A virginity sent me my most sincere wishes. May you be happy and happy! Chinese New Year Greetings 2020

9. Distance is not a problem, height does not matter, beauty and ugliness do not care. No matter where you hide, I will entangle you with you. My name is happiness, and the nickname is peace.

10. Don’t worry about the end of the day, join hands with the peace of Christmas, welcome the festive Chinese New Year and start the Chinese New Year’s flight.

I hope that in the new year, I will have a happy navigation on the new journey. I will have a happy companion. I will go smoothly and be full, live a healthy and healthy life, and have a bright smile.

11. Living is really tired, getting tired from work, being promoted to the queue, saying that I have a good meal but being drunk; my lover has not been in place so far, I don’t want to wake up in the morning, I want to sleep at night, I don’t care. The most unbearable thing is to greet you for the Spring Festival and still charge!

12. Give you 1 sentence, 1 care, 1 memory, turn into 1 nectar, 1 Bailing, 1 peach, and make 1 hope, give you a happy life!

13. According to the special law of the New Year’s Day, you are sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of depressive rights for life, and confiscated all disease troubles. This judgment is final judgment and is immediately implemented. Happy forever! Retreat!

14. Happy new year, and quickly get up to eat dumplings. Relatives and friends run more, one year is still higher than one year! I wish you good food, good sleep, good luck, and cool!

15. ​​If you are the sun, I will be a sunflower, always around you. If you are the moon, I will appreciate your beautiful and elegant gentleness every night. Unfortunately, you are a rat. I have to clean the house every day. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year rat 2020 Greetings

  1. There are countless text messages in the New Year, blessing to occupy the screen, searching Baidu on the Internet, forwarding does not ask the source, 2017 chicken walking, 2018 said dogs, 12 Chinese zodiac dance, the Chinese tradition is the coolest!
  2. You are wanted on New Year’s Eve. Your crimes are: 1. Too good for friends, good loyalty; 2. Youthful face, bright smile. The court now rulings as follows: You will be my friend for life, and you will not be allowed to appeal!
  3. I wrote your name in the sky and was blown away by the wind. I wrote your name on the beach and was washed away by the sea. So, I wrote your name in every corner, but I was taken away by **. Happy New Year!
  4. 50, the New Year is coming, I don’t want to see you in one day, my eyes are straight and I have no strength, I pick up my mobile phone three times, my limbs are cold and sweaty, my internal organs are sighing, I am blaming myself, I have an idea for a long time, I will wait for you at ten o’clock.
  5. 51, the New Year is coming, I wish you a smile; New Year’s toast, I hope you are intoxicated; New Year’s good luck, I hope you will be more handsome; Happy New Year, I wish you live free and easy; New Year greetings, may you be happy. I wish you a good year in the rat!
  6. 52, God rats to spend 4380 days, to meet with 嫦娥 365 days, the moon rises for 12 hours, I want a person to 24 hours, my blessing only takes 1 second: Happy New Year, family happiness!
  7. Buddy, have you made a fortune this year? Don’t forget to treat you – make a joke, Happy New Year! Happy Spring Festival! Working smoothly! Good fortune in the New Year! Good luck!
  8. Make a beautiful wish wish you a happy new year and again, send a wonderful feeling. I wish you all the best in the coming year, send a beautiful gift and wish you a sweet smile.
  9. This information thief is good: the person who receives the flower is like a jade, the person who reads is working smoothly, the person who stores it is all the best, the person who forwards it is easy to promote, the person who replies is sweet, and the person who quit is also renminbi, wishing the Chinese New Year a happy !
  10. I wish you all the hopes in the new year, all the dreams can be realized, all expectations can appear, all the contributions can be fulfilled!
  11. he new year is coming, what do you want to do? No matter what you do, remember my motto: a smile is a good medicine, music is a secret recipe, and sleeping can make you forget everything.
  12. I wish life is getting better and better. The younger the age, the smaller the economy is. The diamonds and jewels of the villas are open to the BMW to show off the money. It is like cutting grass. I feel good about thieves and proud of friends like you!
  13. Life is busy, the days are sour and sweet, the fate is simple, the contact is intermittent, remembering all the time, my blessing is long! My friend, the weather is getting cold, keep warm! Happy Chinese New Year!
  14. In the season of snow fluttering, a cup of hot tea sent a deep blessing, a warm words to drive away the cold of winter. I wish you all a healthy and long life in the new year, laughing and opening!
  15. The New Year to the God of Wealth, I wish you a lucky star to take photos; good mood and good health, I wish you a better life; banknotes and more families, I wish you a happy day; blessings please smile, I wish you happiness and early development. happy New Year!

Chinese or Lunar New Year greeting about rat Year

1. Happy New Year, do you wish the premise? I am easy to let my heart open you let it! Ah, it’s really hard to get the first time in the first year. It’s up to the first time that you’re counting on the shape, and you’re not alone.

2. Are you innocent in the distance? In the distant thoughts, what changes is my face, the constant is the heart that always loves you! I really wish you a happy Spring Festival! Happy every second, happy every day, happy every year, healthy forever!

3. Luck chasing you, beauty follows you, money sticks to you, nobles help you, evil things hide you, villains around you, lover around you, family hangs you, family hangs you, God bless you, I am blessing you . I wish you a good year!

4. Sesame open the door, New Year, give me some money, hundreds of thousands enough to buy a small house on the line, not too much! what? Millions? Then give it to friends who read SMS! I wish you all a happy new year!

5. I can’t care about money when I send a text message. I always feel that people are just like sending a text message in the same way. If you press a song and a dime, you will lose it. You said that this new year has arrived. I have to take one, oh my mother, you are too embarrassed. I wish you a happy new year in advance.

6. Hey, my brother! Because of the distance, it is difficult to get together, and the thoughts are piled up in my heart. Because he is not rich, he did not send a gift, and sent a text message to comfort. The New Year is approaching, the old and the new, the road is safe, congratulations to all things!

7. The New Year is coming, the trouble is gone, the happiness is high; the shadow is gone, the happiness spreads; the mildew runs out, the Xiangyun is driving; the disease has dissipated, the health has it; The days are booming; the mood is refreshing, and the blessings are sent out: Happy Chinese New Year, Fushou Ankang!

8. Spring Festival weather forecast: In the evening, the RMB will be in the evening, there will be a check in the northwest, and there will be gold nuggets in the middle. There will be sporadic dollars in the middle of the night to the euro. Please bring the helmets, prepare the sacks, and prepare for the fortune! I wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

The New Year is to send a coat, use it to wrap warmth, romantic love, full of happy friendship, fasten your health, block bad luck, have a good mood every day!

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