Desktop virtualization, the best solution for teleworking

The coronavirus has forced us to adapt to an unprecedented crisis. For many companies, their business’s impact has been devastating, although Cloud Computing has been one of our great lifesavers and has facilitated communications, leisure, and professional activity.

Teleworking has established itself as one of the most powerful tools in the Cloud. Those companies that could carry out their digital transformation and managed to change the chip of their operational culture have managed to overcome adversity.

Currently, Arsys hosts more than 3,000 virtual desktops (VDI, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in its data center, which have become a realistic alternative, and immediately available for many of the companies that had (and still have) to bet for non-face-to-face work. “This is one of its advantages, but there are also many companies that understand this technology as a way of outsourcing their computing, regardless of their possibilities for remote work,” explains Susana Juan, responsible for VDI solutions at Arsys.

Arsys hosts more than 3,000 virtual desktops (VDI, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in its data center.

We are facing a technology that responds to organizations’ real needs: mobility, performance, and predictable costs in pay peruse. This means taking all the same company people, whatever their location, city, country, or remote connection point, to the same virtual office of infinite dimensions and, therefore, also of endless possibilities. And with absolute security guarantees, the platform is protected by different layers of physical and logical protection that make up a shielded environment.

Besides, as servers (which are virtualized alongside remote desktops) are also eliminated, and local computing is reduced to a minimum, companies benefit from significant savings, among other things, in maintenance and software licenses, but also electricity associated with the consumption of on-premise equipment or refrigeration systems.

In addition to inherent qualities of technology, “at Arsys we do not want to forget about service and we accompany companies in consulting or during the deployment of the solution. We understand that many companies do not have specialized technical personnel, but with us no company is going to renounce technology for that reason”, concludes Susana Juan.

Main features

  • Always up-to-date computing. High-performance, maintenance-free virtual desktops.
  • No investment in pay-per-use.
  • Total mobility. Access to all applications and documents from any device, with a maximum consumption of 100 KB per user.
  • Computer control (IT). Unify management and reduce incidents by 70%.
  • Flexibility. Immediate incorporation of offices or users with resources adaptable to each position.
  • Extreme security. High availability, backup, SSL encryption, antimalware, redundancy, and SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Simple and centralized administration
Updated: March 24, 2021 — 9:40 am

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