Christmas 2020 in Lithuania, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas in Lithuania

Christmas in Lithuania, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas in Lithuania

Christmas Eve is celebrated on the birthday of Jesus Christ. Everyone out there remains crazy about the festival and wait eagerly to celebrate Christmas in Lithuania. The people there celebrate the festival with full joy till 6th January, that’s really enormous happiness. People of Lithuania follow lots of traditions that are centuries old. Christmas celebration in Lithuania is witnessed by all people from kids to oldies. Women cook delicious food and sweet dishes for their family and friends. They also enjoy the festival by singing the morning carols as per Christmas traditions in Lithuania.

Merry Christmas in Lithuania

The morning of 25th December is a sacred time of the day. People usually celebrate Christmas in Lithuania at home with their family. They exchange Christmas wishes and gifts with each other on the occasion of Merry Christmas in Lithuania. Now, if you wish to know how to celebrate Christmas in Lithuania, please the complete article. They follow all the traditions and celebrate the festival with complete joy and happiness.

Christmas Traditions in Lithuania

At least 12 different dishes are prepared and served on the table for the occasion of Merry Christmas in Lithuania. Most of the dishes are made of fish and meat. Kucios is a traditional meal, eaten together by the whole family at the evening time. As per Christmas traditions in Lithuania, they clean their house, proper bedding is done and wears new clothes before taking the meal. There is a faith that a clean body help people to stay fit and healthy in the succeeding years. The decoration as per Christmas traditions in Lithuania is done with straws, which is spread on the table and then covered by white cloth table, and after this table is decorated with candles and small tree branches. People visit the churches of the town and pray for happiness. The meal which is served on that day should be prepared in advance. They also play plenty of joyful games and sing traditional carols for Merry Christmas in Lithuania.

Christmas Celebration in Lithuania

Christmas in Lithuania is celebrated energetically with all friends and family. As per their belief, the Christmas tree should be decorated on Christmas morning, not before then that day. They do so because they have a faith that it should bring joy and happiness for 12 days. The Christmas tree is decorated with small Christmas toys. Know here how to celebrate Christmas in Lithuania. For Christmas celebration in Lithuania, they decorate the table in an amazingly, love to eat their traditional meal in the festive season. They also preferred sweet pastries, beet soup with mushrooms and cranberry pudding.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Lithuania

The celebration in Lithuania is done with amazing mulled wine, sitting at the front of the fireplace in the cold weather. Christmas celebration in Lithuania is performed by exchanging gifts to each other at 25th December morning. As per Christmas traditions in Lithuania, Santa clause brings presents for children (as we believe) on the 24th December midnight or at early morning of 25th December. The plenty of preparations have to be done to welcome the prosperous occasion of Christmas by Catholic people. After the meal family members talk about old fairy tales and sayings. They thought to their child that extraordinary things are possible. According to their old saying, at midnight the water in the well transform into wine and animal can speak like humans.

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