Christmas in Hong Kong

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Christmas in Hong Kong, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas in Hongkong

Christmas in Hong Kong is super unique : Through the festive season, Hong Kong’s skyline glosses with more charm than common as buildings get garbed up for the special event. The holiday season will be memorable, so eat, drink, shop and be happy with this sample tilt of thrilling things to see and do.Though it is not a festival of Chinese still republican of Hong Kong celebrates this event on big note with great zeal and enthusiasm. As per the English tradition day after Christmas is celebrated as “Boxing Day” and it is holiday too. Of course celebration of Christmas is not ends here as New Year is close to Christmas and people start celebrations from Christmas to New Year.

Merry Christmas in Hong Kong – Entire republic is decked up in festive decorations


The churches in Hong Kong run religious services as everyone expects. The decorations and celebrations on the day in malls and shopping centers seems like treat to eyes. Also aspect out for Christmas carnivalsseized in hotels or open air which naturally run by native westerners and thus the belongings and gifts they trade are more westernized also.  Resident international schools may too run school carnivals with food shops, second hand stuffs to sell and game shops for children. Some custody an entrance fee and some don’t. Relish this year Merry Christmas in Hong Kong.

Amazing Christmas Traditions in the Hong Kong

It is usually-alleged that kissing below the Mistletoe is a lucky charm and takes forth stroke of luck. An essential part of Hong Kong Christmas streamers would contain the gorgeously-decked restaurants, shops, pubs and bars of Hong Kong all of which tackle up collected in order to hold the festival of happiness and merry creation with ecstasy and glee.


Hong Kong Disneyland is a novel tourist fascination in Hong Kong also works up for the celebratory mood in order to comfortable the festival of happiness and merry creation that is Christmas.

Christmas Celebration in the Hong Kong is fun fare

Christmas festivities at Hong Kong are marked specifically with concerts, fun filled parties,carols, Christmas decorations andmasses at church. A sparkling Christmas tree is positioned in the Central Business Borough where there are also streamers for Christmas which are organized repeatedly through the time of Christmas. The very vision of brightened buildings upended tall on the juncture of Christmas and enlightening the roads is a joint feature of the Christmas streamers in Hong Kong.


Solitary at Hong Kong thru Christmas period can delight the practice of the traditional Mistletoe Avenue which is located at a pedestrian passageway which connects the Star Ferry docks with Statue Square.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong with friends and family?