Christmas in Ghana

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Christmas in Ghana, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas In Ghana

Christmas in Ghana – In grand style: The month of November passes by speedily and a certain gust welcomes us. There is a fuming rush in stores and shops as almost everybody attempts to do business before everything gets costly. Families plan to devote time together and lots of itinerant coming back home. Certain call it the Yuletide, others say it Christmas. It doesn’t matter how you select to call it, this signifies a period of love, contentment and giving. Ghanaians though do not revel Christmas any otherwise from the rest of the ecosphere while there are a few obvious dissimilarity. Christmas in Ghana is enjoyable and comforting at the same time but there are some fun facts associated the celebrations in Ghana.

Amazing Celebrations of Merry Christmas in Ghana


Like other nations republican of Ghana loves to party or celebrate the festival of Christmas. It is one of the renowned festivals of Ghana, there is a majority of Christian people so almost entire nation is involves in the grand celebration of Merry Christmas in Ghana. Same like other countries the customs, traditions and rituals are same here in Ghana but still some dissimilarity can be found. The event is around the corner almost everyone is done with Christmas shopping and prepared with their list of celebrating the day to most of it.

Exclusive Christmas Traditions in the Ghana


Some traditions are similar to others some are completely unique and is origin in Ghana. The Ghanaians has great attachment and love towards Christmas and its festivity. Gifting is the most common and major ritual associated with Christmas. On this very day not only kids or youngsters but adults and aged people also exchange gifts. Kids buy Christmas costumes and prepare a wish list of gifts to and over there favourite person – Yes, It is one and only Santa Claus. After the church services people sing Christmas songs and chant Carlos.  Christmas poems are the most religious feeling related with the festival to open once heart towards doing good deeds and earn blessing from Jesus and poor people.

Christmas Celebration in the Ghana is most awaited holiday


Christmas celebrations containoutlay time with the family, adorning the whole house, inside and out and spending, for relatives and friends. Celebrating Merry Christmas with the family is very imperative. On this day, all family members gather at one place and spend some quality time in baking cookies, making waffle and preparing a lavish Christmas dinner, with all the accompaniments. The kids love to see each other and devote the day in playing games and sharing their new toys and gifts that Santa Claus carried for each of them.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Ghana – Step to Step Guide

Same like other nations here in Ghana celebrations are same. People one with their shopping prepare for Christmas Decorations. During the Christmas celebrations streets, buildings, houses are well decorated. Huge Christmas tree beautifully decorated can be seen easily in any shopping malls. Not only Kids but adults adore the beautiful decoration of their town. In morning people visit to Church and offer religious services to Jesus after that big feast is organised by families for their close friends and relatives. The two chief elements of Christmas dinner are Meat and cake. Christmas is popular for its dinner.

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