Christmas 2020 in Bulgaria

Christmas in Bulgaria, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas in Bulgaria

Christmas is a festival of love and togetherness usually celebrated with friends and relatives. It is an essential festival for catholic people, usually celebrated all over the world on 25th of December The festival is coming, and people are so excited about the celebration of Christmas in Bulgaria. The people of Bulgaria are waiting for the festival eagerly. Mostly, children feel highly excited and joyful about Christmas. They have already started the preparations for the festival. All people are excited about the celebration Christmas in Bulgaria from children to adults.

Today, we are going to talk about the Christmas tradition in Bulgaria and the way people there celebrate the festival. Hope you enjoy the read.

Merry Christmas in Bulgaria

As per the old Julian Calendar, many countries of eastern Europe celebrate Christmas on 7th January. People of Bulgaria start the preparation from 15th November for a merry Christmas in Bulgaria. On the occasion of Christmas in Bulgaria, people celebrate the festival with positivity, pray to Jesus for happiness and wealth. The festival is celebrated with Christmas trees, amazing decorations, delicious food, singing, and dancing. They beautifully decorate their homes to celebrate the eve. On the day of merry Christmas in Bulgaria, gifts and wishes are exchanged with each other. Blessings and love are given in the form of wishes as a part of the Christmas tradition in Bulgaria. And this how to celebrate Christmas in Bulgaria.

Christmas Celebration in Bulgaria


Christmas celebration in Bulgaria is done with full happiness with their nearest and dearest one. Bulgarian enjoy to their fullest on this occasion at their homes. Christmas is considered as a family holiday for three consecutive days, i.e. from 25th December to 27th December. For Christmas celebration in Bulgaria, many special dishes and sweets are prepared. People enjoy a lot by singing and dancing on their folk songs. Everyone enjoys this festival with full enthusiasm with sending warm Christmas wishes.

Christmas Tradition in Bulgaria

According to the Christmas tradition in Bulgaria, the dishes which are prepared on occasion is odd in counting. Mostly the Bulgarian prefer 7, 9 or 11 dishes excluding salt, pepper & sugar and the odd number of people sitting around the table. As per their traditions, the Bulgarians bring a wooden plow into the house and put it behind the door. By doing so, they believe that it will help them to have good crops in the succeeding years. Another Christmas tradition in Bulgaria is there a decorated round loaf of bread called pita baked with a coin which inside the bread. The main thing is a coin in this tradition which brings good luck and health to the person who gets it for next year. The oldest member of the family cuts bread, and he/she serves it around the table.

How to celebrate Christmas in Bulgaria?

It is an annual festival celebrated on Jesus Christ’s birth date enjoyed by a great number of people. To celebrate the festival, people decorate their houses with Christmas trees and lightings as per the Christmas tradition in Bulgaria. They decorate it with small decorative balls/stars and other decorative items to make their house look shiny. For the Christmas celebration in Bulgaria, people buy new clothes and visit the churches of their morning carols to pray to god for health and prosperity.

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