Christmas 2020 Celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago

Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago, Celebration & Traditions Of Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago

Christmas, the festival of happiness and joy is around the corner, and the people of Trinidad and Tobago are going gaga over it. They have started preparing for the festival by buying clothes, gifts, and decorative items. Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago is a very social time with most people having parties with family and friends. There are many things that people do for Christmas celebration in Trinidad and Tobago. Several traditions are followed every year to make this special and cheerful. Do you want to know how to celebrate Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago? Here are our detailed articles on Merry Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago; hope you enjoy it.

Christmas Celebration in Trinidad and Tobago

If you are lucky enough to witness the immense Christmas celebration in Trinidad and Tobago, you’ll get to experience the true joy of festivity amongst the people. Merry Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago is all about getting socialized and following traditions. Christmas celebration in Trinidad and Tobago is decorated with their special folk music known as Parang. It is music fusion on Venezuela and Trinidad usually sung in the Spanish language. Music really seems to be an essential part of Christmas celebration in Trinidad and Tobago.

If you want to know more about Christmas and the importance of the festival, read the article to the end. We have talked about how to celebrate Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago.

Merry Christmas Celebration in Trinidad and Tobago is all you could wish to experience


The festival is all about music, getting socialized, delicious food and relationships apart from all these one things that hold great importance are the Christmas tradition in Trinidad and Tobago. As per old traditions, they go shopping, buy clothes, electronics, repair their homes with new curtains and paint, etc. Merry Christmas Celebration in Trinidad and Tobago is certainly an amazing site.

Christmas Tradition in Trinidad and Tobago

Christmas is a very social time in Trinidad and Tobago with most people having parties. Both children and adults go from house to house between neighbors and relatives for food and drink.

The radio stations play Trinidadian Christmas carols and songs as well as traditional and contemporary carols from the USA.

A special Trinidadian music, Parang, is also played. Parang is an upbeat Venezuela-Trinidad hybrid music normally sung in Spanish. Now there’s also ‘soca parang’ where songs are sung in English. In the evenings around Christmas, many people like to be ‘Parranderos’ and go from house to house singing Christmas songs. Lots of different instruments are used in Parang including guitars and cuatros (a small four stringed guitar), violins, maracas (called chac-chacs) and (two wooden blocks which are known as toc-toc). If you’ve been good at singing, you’ll hopefully be given some food and drink.

Most people paint and make repairs to their houses and hang new curtains and decorations (especially lights) for Christmas. Often, this is the time that most people buy new electrical appliances and furniture. Most families spend Christmas Day at home with friends and family members.

The Christmas day meal is usually prepared throughout mid-December, and into the new year! The traditional Trinibagonian Christmas meal include apples and grapes, sorrel, ponche-de-creme (a version of egg nog), ham, turkey, homemade bread, ginger beer, pastelles (a version of tamales) and local wine.

Trinidadian Christmas fruitcake is traditional and is eaten in most homes. The fruits (such as raisins and sultanas) in the cake are usually soaked in cherry wine, sherry and rum for several months before Christmas!

New Year’s Eve is known as ‘Ole year’s night’ in Trinidad, and people love to let off fireworks to celebrate the coming of the new year!

Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a twin Caribbean island located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela.

When Santa Claus arrives in Trinidad and Tobago, it’s to the rhythm of soca parang. The climate is warm and flowers are in bloom which makes for a colorful season.


Parang is a specialty during the Christmas season. Informal groups, not unlike the British waits, go around serenading in their neighborhoods with horns, guitars, steel drums, tambourines, pots, pans, and any other kind of instrument or noisemaker that can be easily moved from house to house. The better organized and professional Parang groups traditionally use box bass, shac shacs(maracas) guitar and the quatro (a four string guitar).

According to Giselle from Trinidad, “Parang is the Christmas music of Trinidad. Soca Parang is also sung but Soca Parang is a relatively new blending of Soca (calypso) and Parrang. Parrang comes from the Venezuelan tradition of Parranda.”

The Parang group may very well show up late at night after the house is quiet. They keep on singing until the household gives in to their merriment and they are invited in for refreshments. It is said that during the Christmas season, most households never sleep. They are either home have fun or having a festive time somewhere in the neighborhood.

The days leading up to Christmas are filled with parties at school and at the office. Social organizations also have parties where gifts are exchanged.

Christmas dinner may consist of turkey, ham, pork, pastels (a beef-filled pastry), pigeon peas, and rice. Dessert is the popular black cake of which the main ingredient is fruit that has been soaked in Caribbean rum for several weeks (longer for some recipes). Additional rum is poured over the cake after it has been baked. The Christmas beverage in this warm climate is gingerbeer, Carib beer, or sorrel drink.

Christmas trees are everywhere, however most are artificial. Real trees were imported in the past, but the artificial trees of this era look very real and don’t dry out as a real pine would in the tropical climate.

The Christmas season is a natural lead in to the Carnival season which culminates on the Monday and Tuesday just before Ash Wednesday.

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