Christmas 2020 Celebrations in Thailand

Celebrate Christmas In Thailand In 2020 To Bask In The Joys Of FestivitiesBest Time To Visit Thailand

There is something uniquely different and special about Christmas holidays in Thailand and other parts of Thailand. Sure, this is a Buddhist country, but it still boasts of great tropical weather and the Thais know just how to put on a good party. When in Thailand, celebrate Christmas by exploring the beautiful countryside. Thailand weather at Christmas is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing and other adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities. Do not restrict yourself just to Christmas in Bangkok, instead explore some of the other cities when spending Christmas in Thailand.

Reasons For Celebrating Christmas In Thailand

While you don’t need a reason to visit this beautiful land of beaches, it is always good to know a few things beforehand for a hassle-free vacation with your friends and family.

  • Despite being a good place to shop at any time of the year, buying a Christmas present won’t be a problem in this shopping paradise! So, why not!
  • There’s no lack of drinks in this tropical paradise, so in order to avoid a Christmas with a few relatives, you don’t know well, try doing it here with the warm and welcoming Thai folk.
  • If you haven’t been to a beachy place for Christmas, well, this is your chance to do just that! Try making an ice-figure on the sandy beaches of Thailand.
  • A budget Christmas celebration is surely coming you way in this place if you’re up for it.

Top 7 Places For Christmas In Thailand 2020

Christmas in Thailand is just pure fun, sun, and relaxation. Do away with the hassles of cooking a Christmas meal for a large gathering, instead kick off your shoes and let down your hair, and enjoy Christmas in style in Thailand. if you are wondering where to spend Christmas in Thailand 2020, here are a few of the best place to enjoy the Christma spirits.

1. Bangkok

There is a lot to do here in December when most luxury hotels and shopping centers roll out exciting discounts, and get ready to dress up and impress you with festive displays that is sure to get you into a holiday mood. Aside from the many malls dressed in bright colors, city also hosts a number of outdoor, weekend, floating, and train markets during Christmas in Bangkok. These markets are a great place to pick up Christmas gifts for friends and family and to enjoy a sumptuous meal. Those who wish to participate in a religious service are welcomed with open arms at most Christian churches open on Christmas eve in Bangkok.

A number of restaurants in hotels put up sumptuous gala buffet dinners to celebrate Christmas. If you are willing to splurge, head out to Grand Hyatt or InterContinental for a gastronomic experience. If you are on a budget, you may dine at Robin Hood or Huntsman pub, that tempt the taste buds of tourists with their exciting Christmas meals.

Where To Stay – The St. Regis: 5-star hotel in Rajadamri with a pool, gym, restaurants, and wine bars; Mandarin Oriental: 5-star riverside hotel with pool, yoga lessons, gym, Thai cooking classes, multi-cuisine restaurants, bars, and lounges

Special Events: Christmas Day Brunch, Special Christmas Eve & Christmas Day dinners


Planning your holiday in Thailand but confused about what to do? These Thailand travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

2. Chiang Mai

Located in the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai is pleasant in December than most cities in the South and offers expats and tourists, several options to celebrate Christmas in a regal manner. Many malls play Christmas carols, and larger hotels host special events for both Christmas as well as New Year. A number of bars and restaurants offer Christmas themed dining experiences, though they can be a tad bit expensive.

Duke’s restaurant in specific is a fun place to be during Christmas in Chiang Mai. The restaurant cum bar puts out a fabulous spread of classic American dishes on 25th December every year. Be sure to book a table to avoid disappointment.

Where To Stay – Akyra Manor: 5-star hotel with rooftop infinity pool, restaurant, and rooftop bar; Anantara Chiang Mai Resort: Set on the banks of River Mae Ping, it is a 5-star hotel with a pool, spa, fitness center, and a cigar lounge.

Special Events: Christmas Eve entertainment, traditional Italian menu for brunch, buffet dinner, and more


3. Koh Phangan

This may not seem like an ideal Christmas getaway to many. But, this Christmas party in Koh Phangan island has a number of haunts to spend Christmas day. Escape from the maddening crowds and head to the tranquil beaches on the North of the island to spend a quiet Christmas with your loved ones, it is the best weather in Thailand at Christmas. If you aren’t keen on attending religious ceremonies on Christmas, you may also book a night at the Anantara Rasananda resort to enjoy a relaxing weekend chilling out on the beach, having massages, and sipping on exotic cocktails.

Where To Stay – Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas – 5-star Villa Resort with private pool shared fitness room, and a terrace with stunning views


4. Phuket

A vacation in Phuket during Christmas in Thailand 2020 is bliss. If you do not want to spend a lot traveling to exotic locales during Christmas, Phuket is the best place for Christmas in Thailand. During Christmas in Phuket, a number of hotels and resort cater to families, couples, and solo backpackers during the festive season. You can either sit back and soak in some sun, or party on Patong beach, or even explore the many island temples. A trip to the national park is a fun way to spend Christmas day with a twist.

Where To Stay – Pullman Phuket Arcadia: 5-star hotel on Nai Thon Beach with spa, gym, multiple pools, bars, bakery and a restaurant

Special Events: Christmas breakfast buffet, traditional Christmas dinner, Christmas dinner, barbecue buffet


5. Koh Samui

Christmas in Koh Samui is all about how one can celebrate this vibrant festival in a laid-back and more relaxed manner. From luxury resorts offering amenities with that little extra touch and spas providing travelers with opportunity to rejuvenate to white sandy beaches to enjoy the peaceful vibes and jungle treks for that refreshing aura, Koh Samui is a destination like no other. If one is looking for ways to celebrate Christmas this year in the most offbeat and unusual manner, heading to Koh Samui could be a plausible option. Waterfalls, lush green foliage, and clear blue waters that are spread as far as the eye can see offers a great chance to travelers to enjoy Christmas with mother nature.

Where To Stay – Melati Beach Resort & Spa: 5-star resort with restaurant, private pool, spa, private beach, pool and beach bars; Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort: 5-star hotel with private plunge pool, tree top restaurants, beach front, and spa.

Special Events: Christmas entertainment with cocktail reception, carol singing, tree lighting ceremony, Christmas Eve buffet, Santa Claus arrival and gift ceremony, kids fashion show, and much more.


6. Krabi

Sitting on the southern region of Thailand is this another relaxing and tranquil destination, Krabi. A land of unspoiled beaches, azure clear waters, limestone karsts, colorful coral reefs, and soft white sand, Krabi is a destination to travel for those who are seeking to enjoy a typical tropical experience. Travelers get to engage in various water sports such as kayaking or stroll and chill around the beach witnessing the sun setting down and listening to the light sounds of waves rushing by. For those who wish to enjoy a romantic getaway during Christmas can surely think about traveling to Krabi. Located just a few kilometers from Krabi are the Ko Phi Phi and Koh Lanta Islands that one can visit on a boat quite easily.

Where To Stay – Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas: 5-star hotel with open, ocean view restaurant and bar, private beach, swimming pool with jacuzzi and waterfall, spa, club lounge, and fitness centre; Rayavadee: 5-star hotel with terrace pavilion, pool pavilion, spa, activities centre, beachside dining, and boutique.

Special Events: Christmas eve dinner buffet, kids activities, carol singing, and more.

7. Pattaya

One of the famous resort cities of Thailand, Pattaya is a destination that appeals to couples and families alike. Not only home to some of the most beautiful beaches, Pattaya is a great place to travel to for some lip-smacking cuisine to enjoy Christmas dinner in Thailand and awe-inspiring accommodations. The nightlife scenes of this destination is something that takes away the breath of travelers. 24-hour cabaret bars and clubs make it difficult for guests to resist shaking their legs. When traveling to Thailand for Christmas and you wish to engage in an absolute experience, Pattaya is a destination that should definitely be your stop. Along with vibrant nightlife, one also gets a chance to take part in watersports like windsurfing, jet skiing, waterskiing, and more.

Where To Stay – Dusit Thani Pattaya: 5-star hotel with an ocean view restaurant, suites with a living room, green space, beachfront views, and club room; Mytt Beach Hotel: 5-star hotel with rooftop swimming pool, spa, restaurant, bar, and fitness center.

Special Events: Christmas entertainment includes carol singing, craft activities for kids, tattoo making, Santa Claus visits, and much more.

Christmas In Thailand: Feast

Though there is no Christmas in Thailand traditions, several restaurants in larger cities such as Chiang Mai and Bangkok cater to expats and tourists and offer a fancy holiday meal for the best Christmas in Thailand. If you wish to celebrate Christmas in Thailand 2020, head to Dukes for a holiday feast that has a wide variety of American dinner dishes for a mere $40. Many of the islands in Thailand have a mandatory Christmas gala and dinner for all guests. This is a great way to partake in some festivities if you wish to celebrate Christmas day in Thailand.

Still thinking it can’t be fun during Christmas in Thailand? Well, it’s time you check on your plans again as this beautiful island hosts Christmas with an equal fervor as any European country would. So, why not do away with the monotony this year and celebrate Christmas during your holiday in Thailand!

Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas In Thailand

Q. Where can I spend New Year’s Eve in Thailand?

A. There are many places and ways where you can spend your new years eve in Thailand. Attend the Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, raise your hands and get high on life at the rooftop bars in Bangkok. Surin Beach is also where you can spend New Year & Christmas holidays in Thailand.

Q. What is Songkran in Thailand?

A. Songkran festival is one of the most famous festivals in Thailand which marks the beginning of traditional Thai New Year. It takes place in April and is celebrated by splashing water on each other. So, don’t get surprised if you are splashed with a bucket load of water. That is their way of saying ‘Happy New Year’ in Thailand.

Q. Is Christmas Day a holiday in Thailand?

A. Thailand is a nation that is overwhelmingly Buddhist, with very few Christians, and Christmas Day on 25 December is only a public holiday in certain provinces of the country.

Q. What is the most important holiday in Thailand?

A. New Year’s Day is most celebrated in all parts of Thailand and is one of the most awaited holidays.

Q. When can you not buy alcohol in Thailand?

A. In Thailand, you can only buy or be served alcohol between the hours of 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. – midnight.

Q. Is Thailand busy at Christmas?

A. Yes, Thailand is one of the popular destinations during the festive holidays of Christmas and New Year. Travelers usually see these holidays as an advantage to take some time off and travel to a vibrant yet laid-back destination.

Q. Is Christmas a good time to go to Thailand?

A. With amazing weather, festive vibes, crowded streets, and colorful decorations, Thailand is an amazing time to pay a visit to Thailand.

Q. Do people in Thailand celebrate Christmas?

A. Christmas might not be a traditional holiday for locals in Thailand but it is still celebrated just like any other destination. With lighting up trees, decorating the streets, and indulging in some delicious delicacies, celebrations of Christmas in Thailand is pretty vibrant.

Q. What do they eat for Christmas in Thailand?

A. The Christmas special feast usually includes mango and sticky rice, pork belly, spiced broth, friedn tofu, eggs, salt crust fish stuffed with lemongrass, and much more.

Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Christmas in Thailand

Christmas in Thailand can be what you want it to be, so enjoy! Although Christmas is not a traditional Thai festival, the Thais love the decorations and spirit. There are many places to spend Christmas in Thailand with every shopping mall, stall or restaurant decorated with sparkly lights.  Santa Claus statues, Christmas trees and fairy lights are all around you at Christmas in Thailand. There are plenty of Christmas things to do in Thailand, from colourful markets to a private picnic for two and plenty of activities to keep the family amused.

If you are thinking where to celebrate Christmas in Thailand, then the answer is everywhere. Chiang Mai, where the weather is cooler, feels more Christmassy by nature. Bangkok is a city of twinkling lights that embraces the Christmas spirit. However, there’s nothing better than chilling out on a tropical beach with the cold winter a distant memory.

If you are looking for some traditional Christmas atmosphere and also something different,  here are a few recommendations to make it a memorable occasion.

Christmas shopping

When thinking about things to do at Christmas in Thailand, shopping is probably high on your list. Shopping malls in Bangkok and Chiang Mai are extensive with top brand names under one roof. However, if you are in Thailand for Christmas, then the markets are a great place to visit to find unique, locally made artefacts.

Market madness

Chatuchak, the weekend market in Bangkok, is one of the best things to do at Christmas in Thailand. This huge market is a maze of undercover stalls selling everything from Christmas lights to blow up Santas, t-shirts to woolly hats and trinkets and jewellery.

Bag those gifts

You can easily spend a few hours at the market at Christmas in Thailand, and head home with a bag full of Christmas gifts.


  • It gets very busy so better to get there early morning
  • Bargain, bargain bargain!
  • Check out the the weekend market


Take the BTS Sukhumvit line to Mo Chit

Sunset Samui Markets

If you are lucky enough to be spending Christmas in Thailand, and you are staying on Koh Samui, then there are weekly markets all around the island.

Tempting stalls

One of the best places to spend Christmas in Thailand is at the picturesque Fisherman’s village lining Bophut beach. The Walking street market runs through this traditional old town. As well as the market, there are small boutique shops who extend their racks and shelves onto the street. There’s a range of great street food, small cocktail bars, stalls and street performers.

Pretty lights

It’s a fun thing to do, in Thailand, at Christmas, as it’s prettily decorated with strings of lights and candles. There’s plenty of interesting handicrafts, herbs and spices, musical instruments, local fabrics and unique jewellery. If you are spending Christmas in in Koh Samui in Thailand, make sure to save your pennies for the market.


  • The Fisherman’s Village market is every Friday from 5-11 pm
  • See Fisherman’s Village Walking Street for more information


The Fisherman’s village is in Bophut on the north east coast

Christmas dining

When you are thinking about where to celebrate Christmas in Thailand, then being warm and cozy is an important factor. The House restaurant in Chiang Mai is just that.

Warm and friendly

The house has a lovely atmosphere with friendly service, excellent food and delicious cocktails set in stylishly decorated old house.

Carols at dinner

It’s a great place to celebrate Christmas Eve in Thailand as they have a special carol service, with a local choir, to accompany your dinner. It’ll definitely get you in the Christmas spirit.


  • Best to book for Christmas Eve in advance
  • See The House restaurant for events

Location and opening times

  • Address: 199 Moon Muang road Si Phum Muang Chiang Mai  053287681-2
  • Opening times 10-11 pm

Dino Park Mini Golf

For a fun day out at Christmas in Phuket in Thailand, the Dino Park Mini golf is a great option for all the family. As the name suggests, the theme is dinosaurs, with the 18 hole course looking like a set from Jurassic Park.

Dinosaurs everywhere

Huge dinosaurs, ponds, waterfalls and caverns surround the course and each hole has a pre-historic surprise. An erupting volcano adds to the setting. The course is well designed and not too challenging so kids and adults alike can enjoy it. It makes a change and is a fun thing to do at Christmas in Thailand.

Flintstone’s restaurant

After a game, the on-site restaurant offers reasonable food. The main attraction is the huge tree trunks to sit on, the jungle setting and being served by Freddie Flintstone! If you are spending Christmas on Phuket in Thailand, then enjoy a game of golf with the dinosaurs.


  • Include it with a day trip to Karon or Kata beach
  • See Dino park for information


  • 47 karon road karon beach Phuket 831000 Tel 6676330625

Fun filled Christmas

Bangkok is a great place to celebrate Christmas in Thailand as there is so much going on for all the family. Great dining opportunities, shopping and the Thai’s really go to town on the Christmas lights.


As the name suggests, Funarium is an enjoyable place to spend Christmas in Thailand with kids.  With four play areas, a track for scooters, a court for basketball, and roller skating, a climbing wall and a play area for under fours, there’s plenty to keep the little ones busy.

Ho Ho Ho

The on-site restaurant has a large selection of Thai and western food with a dedicated kid’s menu. Parents can have lunch while watching the kids in the play area. Santa may pay a visit to celebrate Christmas in Thailand with your family.

Twinkly Bangkok

A Chrismassy thing to do in Thailand, after the Funarium, is to take a walk and enjoy the Christmas lights. Many of the hotels at Christmas in Thailand put up some amazing decorations and Christmas scenes.

Christmassy scenes

A festive thing to do at Christmas in Thailand is to visit the Penisula Plaza’s Christmas setting with its gingerbread house and reindeer barn and the huge tree outside the Intercontinental.

Tropical Christmas trees

Central World Square is a place that celebrates Christmas in Thailand with live concerts,  a beer garden and food stalls and a very impressive Christmas tree. Siam Paragon Mall mixes the tropics and Christmas. See the palm trees lit up with purple lights in a novel space-age style creating a novel place to celebrate Christmas in Thailand.


  • Take a taxi or a Tuk Tuk to Funarium as it’s much easier
  • Check out The Funarium


  • Funarium address: 111/1 Sukhumvit 26 Wattana Bangkok 10120, Thailand Tel: +66 2 665 6555

Christmas detox

A different thing to do at Christmas in Thailand is to detox after the over indulgence. In Thailand at Christmas, why not spend some time in a traditional, detoxifying steam bath.

Steamy baths

Head for the hills around Chiang Mai for a massage and steam bath at the family run Baan Hom Samunphrai. Fresh herbs, dangled over the steam outlet, create the perfect solution for a deep cleanse as you sweat the toxins out.

Magical massage

Follow the steam bath with an authentic Thai massage, a relaxing way to spend Christmas in Thailand. Then take a wander around the garden to learn about the medicinal plants.


  • Give them a call beforehand to book
  • See Christmas Detox for how to book


  • They are located in the village of Hang Quae. Take a taxi as it’s only 9 KM from Chiang Mai.
  • Address: Baan Hom Samunphrai 93/2a Moo 12 Tawangtan, Saraphi Chiang Mai 50140
  • Tel.  053-817-362

Christmas in Krabi

If you are an active group or family and wandering where to spend Christmas in Thailand, then Krabi is a good option. Krabi is a beautiful province with gorgeous beaches and plenty of things to do all year round from rock climbing to diving. An unusual thing to do at Christmas is to take a sea kayak tour to make the most of the sun and sea for your Christmas time in Thailand.

Kayak for Christmas

Don your Christmas hats and explore the caves, mangroves and hidden lagoons. Looking out for monkeys, king fishers and giant monitor lizards is a fascinating way to spend Christmas in Thailand. Try a sunset tour, ending with a beach BBQ.

Beginners welcome

Not to worry if it’s your first time or there are kids in your group, the guides will give you some instructions before the tour starts and will be right by you throughout.


  • Take a Christmas snack and a bottle of water with you.
  • Wear flip flops
  • For options see Kayaking in Krabi


  • Krabi is a province on the south west coast of Thailand. There are regular flights there from Bangkok.

Christmas dinner on the beach

If you are spending Christmas in Thailand you are bound to want to be on the beach at some point. A different thing to do at Christmas in Thailand is to have your Christmas dinner on the beach. This can be in a beach side restaurant or small local eatery or how about celebrating Christmas in Thailand with a picnic on an island?

Christmas dinner for two

Koh Samui is a great place to spend Chrostmas in Thailand and have a Christmas picnic. It’s surrounded by islands that are easy to get to. From the south of the island you can rent a traditional long tail fishing boat to take you for the day to Koh Madsum or Koh Taen. The Christmas thing to do is pack up a picnic, remember the presents and head off for a day on a deserted beach.

Christmas treats

There are plenty of western style supermarkets on Koh Samui which stock great bread, cheese, cold meats, Prosecco and some Christmas favourites like biscuits and chocolates. If you are staying at a villa, with advanced notice, the team may be able to put together a picnic for you.


  • Take a taxi or songtaew ( red open sided truck/taxi) to Thong Krut Village. Speak to any of the restaurant owners and they’ll arrange a boat for you.
  • See private tour


  • Thong Krut is on the south coast of Koh Samui

Volunteer for a day

Christmas is also a time for giving and if you are spending Christmas in Thailand this year, and you have a free day, why not volunteer. It’s a rewarding thing to do at Christmas in Thailand and you’ll also have fun.

Elephants World

The elephant is the Thai national animal and they have worked hard all their lives, sometimes not in the best conditions.  Elephants World is a non-profit organization in Kanchanaburi. It raises awareness and educates visitors about elephants and is a ‘retirement home’ for the well-deserved elephants.

Share the love

Celebrate Christmas in Thailand with these humble creatures, preparing their food, feeding them and giving them a scrub in the river. Collecting the food, making sticky rice balls and fruit baskets, for the elephants Christmas dinner, has to be one of the best things to do in Thailand in Christmas for those special memories.


  • Contact give a day
  • Suitable for children


  • Elephants World is located 35 km from Kanchanaburi and 180 km from Bangkok.
  • Address: 90/9 Moo 4, Ban Nong Hoi, Wangdong Kanchanaburi 71190, Thailand.
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