Christmas 2020 Celebrations in Czech Republic

Christmas in Czechia / Czech Republic 

During the night of the fifth December (St. Nicholas Eve), youngsters are very excited and look ahead to St. Nicholas (Svatý Mikuláš) to reach. He usually is accompanied by a number of angels and a number of devils. He asks the kids if they have been good all year and likewise asks them to sing a tune or recite a poem, and offers them a basket of presents, usually containing chocolate and fruit. If you have been naughty, the satan may provide you with a lump of coal. Like in the The Netherlands and another European international locations, St Nicholas’ Day is a really separate vacation than Christmas.

In the Czech language Happy/Merry Christmas is ‘Veselé Vánoce’. Happy/Merry Christmas in heaps extra languages.

The major Christmas celebrations are on Christmas Eve. Some folks quick throughout Christmas Eve in the hope that they may see a imaginative and prescient of ‘the golden pig’ seem on the wall earlier than dinner! This is supposed to be an indication of excellent luck!

The Czech conventional Christmas dinner is eaten throughout the night of Christmas Eve. The meal usually consists of fish soup (made from carp), and fried carp with potato salad.

Ježíšek ‘Little Jesus’ (the Czech model of Christkindl) brings presents throughout the Christmas Eve dinner and leaves them underneath the Christmas Tree. Czech youngsters have their dinner in a special from the place the tree is situated. When they hear the bell ring (often after the kids have completed consuming their major meal however when they’re nonetheless on the desk), that implies that Ježíšek had been and has left their presents underneath the tree. The presents are usually opened proper after dinner.

Religious households additionally often sing Christmas carols by the tree, and go to church both at midnight or on Christmas Day.

There’s a superstition in Czechia that claims for those who throw a shoe over your shoulder on Christmas day, if the toe factors in direction of the door, you can be married quickly!

How to rejoice Christmas in the Czech Republic

It is that magical time of the year once more! It is time for celebrations, miracles, presents, festive temper and shining lights! Yes, it’s Christmas time! Visitors and expats residing in the Czech Republic could also be questioning how do the Czechs rejoice essentially the most fantastic time of the year, so let’s have a look how does Czech Christmas appear to be!

Christmas begins on the finish of November

Usually, Czech Christmas season begins on the finish of November with the opening of the spectacular Christmas markets (Vanocni trh). They are a key ingredient of the festive magic in the Czech Republic. The markets gentle up the cities, bringing locals and vacationers collectively to share the spirit, in a real ‘winter wonderland’ setting.

Visitors and residents can take pleasure in varied of conventional smells and flavors, scorching wine, and punch, tasty meals. Moreover, the brightly adorned wood huts promote conventional handicrafts that are the excellent Christmas presents: glassware, jewellery, embroidered lace, wood toys, metalware, ceramics, scented candles, Christmas tree ornaments, hats, gloves and scarves, and puppets and dolls superbly dressed in conventional costumes.

The Christmas markets are often open every day, together with on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

St.Nicholas Day
(Svaty Mikuláš)

The official Christmas celebrations historically begin with St.Nicholas Day on fifth December. It is the hottest creation vacation in the Czech Republic. St. Nicholas is believed to come on December fifth (bringing apples, nuts, and candies), alongside along with his mates, a satan – who carries a whip, and takes the naughty youngsters away, and an angel who appeals on their behalf.

The vacation is a reminder that child Jesus is on his manner, and a day the place good youngsters obtain small presents, goodies, apples, and so on. and people youngsters who behaved naughty via out the year are stated to obtain potatoes and coal. After the kids’s treats, St. Nicholas shares a toast with the mother and father.


A carp in the bath

The featured meal for the standard Christmas Eve dinner in the Czech Republic shouldn’t be turkey, like in many different international locations, however fried carp. The aspect dishes embrace potato salad and boiled pink cabbage.

The most curious reality in regards to the Christmas dinner is that the carp is purchased alive every week earlier than that night time or a couple of days prior it. The carp is stored alive in the bathtub till prepared for cooking on the day of Christmas Eve! When making ready the fish, you need to clear it from fish-scales and that’s when Czech custom comes in hand. If you place one clear fish-scale into your pockets, the Czechs imagine that it ought to carry you extra money in the new year.

It is Baby Jesus (Ježíšek) who brings the presents on Christmas Eve, quite than Santa Claus!

Believe it or not, in the Czech Republic it’s not the Santa Claus who brings the presents for the youngsters on Christmas, however the Baby JesusJežíšek is claimed to reside excessive in the mountains, in the city of Boží Dar, the place a put up workplace accepts and stamps letters addressed to him. On Christmas Eve, youngsters go away the room the place the Christmas tree has been put up till they hear the tinkle of a bell (rung by mother and father) indicating that Baby Jesus has include presents.

Christmas Eve dinner

The most essential day is Christmas Eve when historically the tree is adorned, and the household gathers for a feast after fasting all day. Tradition says the meal ought to not be served till the first star comes out. Christmas in the Czech Republic means loads of scrumptious meals.

The desk is historically coated in meals which were grown by themselves all through the year, equivalent to mushrooms, saurkraut, garlic, goats, dried fruits, black kuba, and so on. Undoubtedly, crucial a part of the meal is the already cooked Christmas Carp. After dinner, it’s time to collect across the Christmas tree and open presents which Ježíšek has already introduced.

Christmas Day and St. Stephens Day
(Štědrý den and Sv. Štěpán)

These two days (December 25th and 26th) are often known as First and Second Christmas Holidays in the Czech Republic. Today they’re loved by enjoyable with family and friends and having fun with the particular time of the year collectively. Although, historically, it was a time when folks got here collectively and went door to door singing Christmas carols.

Of course, it’s not Christmas with out desserts and cookies. The baking begins properly in advance, at first of the Advent, and other people indulge in sweets via the whole Christmas season. Some favorites are the candy and fragrant vanilla crescents, “wasp nests”, marmalade cookies often known as Linzgingerbread cookiesVánočka, a candy white dough with raisins, and apple strudels.

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5 Christmas Traditions Only Czechs Will Understand

Visiting Czechia round Christmas time? There are loads of uncommon issues to see and expertise. We check out 5 Czech traditions that may appear just a little bit unusual to everybody else.

Pet a carp

The conventional Czech Christmas meal consists of fried carp. Many households really purchase this fish alive and maintain it in their bathtubs for days or perhaps weeks till it’s able to be cooked. In current years, lots of households have modified the custom to keep away from animal cruelty – they nonetheless purchase the carp however on Christmas Eve, they launch it right into a river quite than consuming it. Potato salad and soups are additionally a giant a part of Christmas celebrations, which primarily occur on the night time of the 24th.

The TV is on all day

On December 24th, native channels present fairy tales all day lengthy and it’s a practice for households to get up on that day, flip the TV on and simply go away it on in the background for the whole day. In many houses, the TV even stays on throughout dinner.

There isn’t any Santa Claus

On Christmas Day you gained’t discover children looking for Santa and his reindeer to ship presents. Instead, presents are delivered by Baby Jesus and the supply is often introduced by the ringing of a bell. It can occur at any time, but it surely’s usually accomplished whereas the youngsters are nonetheless on the desk consuming.

There’s no “official” picture of what Baby Jesus seems to be like and no actual rationalization of how he really delivers the presents (there’s no magic sled concerned). And whereas Baby Jesus doesn’t have a “naughty or nice” listing, there’s one other celebration earlier in December the place you’re vulnerable to receiving coal for those who’ve misbehaved. That occurs on December fifth, when St. Nicholas, accompanied by an angel and the satan, takes to the streets. On that day, youngsters can count on a go to from the three figures, the place they’ll be both rewarded or punished for his or her habits the earlier year.

Foretelling the long run

Common meals and objects are used on Christmas Eve day to predict your fortune for the approaching year. For instance, an previous custom says an single woman ought to throw a shoe over her shoulder. If the shoe falls pointing in direction of a close-by door, marriage is on the playing cards for the approaching year. Another solution to foretell whether or not your coming year shall be fortunate or unfortunate is to chop an apple in half. If the core has 4 pointy corners, dangerous luck is on its solution to you; 5 corners point out well being and happiness.

Presents are opened on the 24th

Since Baby Jesus often delivers presents whilst you’re nonetheless consuming dinner, a part of the enjoyable on the 24th is attempting to maintain the youngsters from leaving the desk too quickly! Once the presents are delivered, all people gathers across the Christmas tree to open presents. In most houses, Christmas Eve dinner means dressing up in your most interesting garments.

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