Christmas 2020 Celebration In South Korea

Christmas In South Korea, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas In South Korea

South Korea has more christens than any other Asian country such as Japan and China. People of South Korea are Christen and celebrate New Year every year on 25th December. The festival is also celebrated by Buddhists and people of other religions in the country. Christmas day is known with the name of “Sung Tan Jul” in South Korean language. The day is observed as national holiday in the country and it is one and only South Eastern country that observed a holiday on this day. This is how Christmas in South Korea is celebrated. Here look at some Christmas Traditions in the South Korea by reading this article till end.

The school, colleges and government officer remain closed in South Korea on the occasion of Christmas. We want to let our users that the Christmas celebration in North Korea is banned as no one can decorate their place on that day.

Christmas Celebration in the South Korea


The Christmas is celebrated in South Korea every year same as celebrated in Western countries. The major difference is only that in South Korea, people focus on religious traditions rather than decoration and presents. In South Korea, the day is a religious holiday and people enjoy it by going to church, singing carols etc. In South Korea, people decorate their places, exchange presents, meet each other and wish a merry Christmas. The celebration does not start from November month as like it celebrated in western countries.

How to Celebrate Christmas in South Korea?


The capital of South Korea, Seoul is decorated with lights and other materials. The stores put large LED display to decorate and promote them self. The families in South Korea attend church services on the eve of Christmas Day. Youngsters enjoy caroling parties to enjoy the day with their friends, families and loved ones. Santa in South Korea is known “Santa Harabujee” and he is quite popular among children. As like other countries, children get presents from Santa and they know him as “happy grandpa”

Christmas in Korea: Religious Traditions and Foods