Christmas Celebration in Kuwait

Kuwait, officially the State of Kuwait is an Arab country in Western Asia. Situated in the northeastern edge of the Arabian peninsula at the tip of the Persian Gulf, it shares borders with Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south. The Capital and largest city is Kuwait City.-

Christmas in Kuwait

Christmas Celebrations in Kuwait :

The influence of Islamic and Arab Culture is found in Kuwait therefore there is much celebration relating to Christmas in this country but still all the Christians living here do celebrate Christmas at their level best. But it is a national holiday for Kuwait.

Christmas in Kuwait

At Christmas and Easter we get big holidays and we go out. There is a park in Kuwait called “Al Medina Al Tarfiheya”. It is like “The Disney World”. If you go there at Easter you will play games for free. We have parties everywhere in Kuwait and everybody becomes happy with these days.

At Christmas we go to the church and pray. The censor’s holy smoke is very steep that it looks like a fog in the church. After praying there is always a party and everybody becomes happy. Then we go home and have fun.

Its the month of November that all the major stores in Kuwait put up the decors for Christmas. Notable Christmas Celebrations can be seen in some of the big cities of Kuwait like As Sālimīyah, Şabāh as Sālim, Al Farwānīyah, Al Fahāhīl, Kuwait City, etc.

Wishing all readers Merry Christmas 2019 & Happy New Year 2020 !!

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