Christmas 20n20 and New Year wishes 2021


Christmas and New Year wishes 2019

Christmas 2020 and New Year wishes 2021 to select whoever expresses you and send them to those you love …

– Merry Christmas to you and your family. Let the New Year’s Beginning be a starting point for a creative era. Happy Birthday!

– Let every star be a wish for the sky to be brighter and only light to exist in our lives.

– I wish you this Christmas to mark the birth of a life dreamed to you and a star to shine your face forever.

– Let’s hope that the New Year will make the dreams of the whole world a reality and will spread happiness and health.

– I wish the magic of Christmas to touch us and give us what we need to be happy.

– The Birth of Christ let us begin the beginning of a better life full of truth and light. Best wishes for this Christmas.

– Let Christmas days bring their magic to your home and Santa let us fulfill the wishes of all of you.

– The most beautiful Christmas today to spend near to those you love and to have cravings to have.

– Let this Christmas rise the smile on the lips of the people, let them warm their frozen hearts and give to those who struggle with the life they deserve.

– Let our soul be this year the manager to be born love and peace.

– I hope people try these festivities to regain humanity within us and change course, moving towards a better perspective of ourselves!

Wishes for Christmas and New Year

– I wish everyone without exception the people who live on our wonderful planet, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

– His Birth would mean the beginning for a better life full of truth and light.

– The birth of Christ is the premonition for a different year, beautiful, with fewer problems and more bright images.

– You may be tired of receiving wishes that never happen as you say. Do not reject them, however, because their value is invaluable and their existing aim sooner or later will be conquered as long as you have health and want it. Merry Christmas

– Every falling star is also a childish wish. This year all become reality …

– Shining Christmas with health and a big embrace to welcome the new member to your family who will decorate your home making your everyday celebration!

– Wish the Spirit of Christmas to give us as a gift joy and beautiful memories of these festivals.

– Let Christmas days bring their magic to your home and the … Santa Claus let you fulfill the wishes of all of you.
– Like the three magicians, let’s find the Star that will lead us on the path of love.

– When Christ is born, He is born with the hope of a world without violence, full of love and peace.

– The most beautiful Christmas today to spend near to those you love and to have cravings to have.

– I wish Merry Christmas to everyone, health above all and love.

– Health, Love, Happiness, Dreams, Smiles, Creativity, Success … are just some of our wishes for this Christmas and the New Year coming. Merry Christmas!

– The new year I wish many pleasures to give, And if there were a few of the old to supplement them …

– Happy Birthday, because of quantity counts! Well, good, because of quality counts! Happy years, why are they! My best wishes for 2021

– The new time that only joy is to bring and sleep a monk and a new mate.

Christmas Wishes for Happy Lots

– New Year’s Day comes to my dreams, start smile this year!

– I wish the new year does not keep wind and fill the hearts only with love!

– In 2021 bring us health, prosperity and happiness, and many hugs. Potent hugs … then those that take your breath!

– I wish you a good year full of health for you and your family. Adding hope, removing mistakes, multiplying dreams and dividing your love for those who deserve it

Two pigeons come to bear wishes

All you have to celebrate with laughter and joy.
1 beautiful start to have the year
9 thousand dreams come true.

– I only give you two wishes for the new year, full of joy and passion for the pain.

– Good New Year to you and your family. Let’s start the 2021 beginning of a creative era. !

– Happy in 2021. I wish this year’s flame of love to burn to warm and soften the hearts of all. Health, Happiness, Hope and Good Year.

– In 2021 you can travel to the worlds you have dreamed of, to the worlds that are the expectation of life.

– Every year comes only once. Get the most out of it and enjoy it every moment. Happy new year 2021.

– Happy, creative, full of dreams, messages, challenges New Year with beautiful & special moments! Colors, sounds, music & fragrances to beautify each and every day!

– I wish Christmas and New Year to bring love and peace to you and all over the world.

– Be happy and your family. His most beautiful gift? to have your health.

– On the New Year’s Day, I give a thousand wishes, and this time to find you happy I hope.

– Christmas, New Year’s Eve, I’ll have you in my arms, but only in my dream, since you are away.

– For the year that comes, my heart will do! Fate is spreading joy to walk over!

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