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Storage in Big Data times

In the age of big data, companies need a robust and reliable storage platform. The key to Big data lies in data analysis. This trend leads to users wanting to have an extensive storage system to store and manage the vast amounts of data to study such large volumes. All these types of storage must certainly propose a plan with a reliable, scalable, and […]

Unity – Simple and Affordable All-Flash Storage Systems

EMC has launched Unity, a new range of storage systems that simplify and modernize the data center. Unity is the latest addition to EMC’s all-flash portfolio offering highly affordable NAS and SAN storage for mid-range enterprise IT departments. Unity joins EMC’s portfolio of all-flash primary storage arrays – XtremIO, VMAX All Flash, and DSSD D5 – so […]

Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 – Enhanced Storage Capabilities and Greater Ease of Use

Red Hat has announced Red Hat Ceph Storage 2, the next generation of its open-source software-defined storage platform. Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 is based on the Ceph Jewel version and introduces new capabilities that improve object storage support and improve usability. Ceph has been designed from the ground up to enable and support companies’ […]

What will storage be like in the next 12 months?

Mark Bregman, CTO, in collaboration with Val Bercovici, SolidFire CTO, and Manfred Buchmann, NetApp vice president of systems engineering for EMEA, highlight the new things the New Year will bring to the storage industry. Data is the new currency. Access to data is essential for success. Data transform every facet of the business. New types […]

STRATO increases the performance and storage capacity of its Servers

STRATO has announced essential changes in its portfolio of Servers, both Virtual and Dedicated. The company has increased the storage capacity and upgraded its hardware to offer the latest technology that provides more excellent performance and availability. The client area has also been optimized and modernized, making it much more natural, complete, and easy to use. On all servers, the traffic is […]