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Azure Quantum: Microsoft already has its quantum computing platform

Azure Quantum. That’s the name Microsoft has given to the world’s first open public cloud ecosystem for quantum solutions, and it’s now available in public preview. The Redmond firm’s idea is that developers, researchers, system integrators, and customers can use it to learn and create solutions based on the latest innovations, for free, using the most popular […]

Google Cloud and VMware expand their collaboration.

Google Cloud and VMware have announced the launch of Google Cloud VMware Solution by CloudSimple, a new service that enables companies to run their VMware- based workloads on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Now, customers will have various options and greater flexibility to run workloads on their premises, in a hybrid architecture or the public cloud. The solution […]

Desktop virtualization, the best solution for teleworking

The coronavirus has forced us to adapt to an unprecedented crisis. For many companies, their business’s impact has been devastating, although Cloud Computing has been one of our great lifesavers and has facilitated communications, leisure, and professional activity. Teleworking has established itself as one of the most powerful tools in the Cloud. Those companies that could carry […]

The cloud sparks the rise of smart grids.

With the increasing popularity of computers from networks based in the cloud in telecommunications, the market overall smart grid grows so constant during the forecast period. Fortune Business Insights shared a report of detailed analysis entitled “Smart Grid Market Size, Share and Global Trends by Application and geographic forecasts to 2026,” according to Globenewswire. The information also includes how a variety of factors will influence the development of the market. The intelligent network (IN) refers to a network […]

These have been significant advances in cloud computing.

Linke has presented the main advances in cloud computing that have made it essential in companies’ digital transformation strategies on its tenth anniversary. And it is that Covid-19 has had a tremendous social and economic impact that, in the technology sector, will translate into an 8% drop in spending, leaving the figure at 3.4 trillion […]