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Christmas Celebration in Fiji

Christmas celebration in Fiji is considerably totally different from the way in which this competition is noticed in international locations such because the US and Canada. In Fiji, this competition is extra about household get-togethers fairly than extravagant decorations and fireworks. Here’s how it’s celebrated in Fiji. Christmas Celebrations in Fiji. Observance on Christmas Eve: […]

Christmas in Brazil

Christmas Celebration in Brazil Image Source Traditional Christmas celebration in Brazil resembles somewhat to that of Western Europe. This day is marked with native meets, family dinners, Christmas trees and Santa. In Brazil, Santa Claus is also known as Papai Noel or Bom Velhinho which means Good Old Man. The tradition of Christmas says that […]

Christmas Celebrations in Zambia

Christmas in Zambia, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas in Zambia The year has come to an end the time of festivity is gaining traction with Christmas day getting near. People in Zambia might have already started preparing for the festival with shopping on board. Christmas celebration in Zambia is amongst the famous celebrations of the […]

Christmas Celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago

Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago, Celebration & Traditions Of Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago Christmas, the festival of happiness and joy is around the corner, and the people of Trinidad and Tobago are going gaga over it. They have started preparing for the festival by buying clothes, gifts, and decorative items. Christmas in Trinidad and […]

Christmas Celebration In South Africa

Christmas In South Africa, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas In South Africa The Christmas is celebrated in whole world but the traditions vary country to country. Each country has its own way of celebrating this day and remembering the Jesus Christ. Some has different decoration pattern while other has different Christmas meals. There are numbers of […]

Christmas in Puerto Rico

Christmas in Puerto Rico, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas in Puerto Rico Do you really love food, drink, music, dancing, beauty, and laughter all at one place? Then we advise you to celebrate this Christmas in Puerto Rico. The Merry Christmas in Puerto Rico, is celebrated on 25th December but the people start the celebration in early […]