100 Happy new year greetings 2021

Happy new year greetings to all. The goal becomes completely inaccessible if greetings are still necessary to strike a little light humor.

You are looking for original dedications, congratulations for the end of the year I invite you to continue reading.

Not only will you meet with greetings at the end of 2020, but also wishes for your loved ones for 2021 so that you can leave a warm and affectionate greeting to all.

Happy new year greetings

Happy New Year! With new happiness!
Let this year give A
storm of feelings and a sea of passion
But love a whirlpool.A lot of joyful moments,
Crushing victories,
Travel, entertainment,
The crunch of bills and clinking coins.As foam melts in champagne,
Let the burden of worries disappear.
all the coming year be successful!

Let the New Year be a happy star

Come into your family comfort,

With the old year hastily

Let the hardships all go!

Let each day warmly warm

And bring a lot of happiness,

And dispel all doubts The

New Year that arrived at midnight!

Happy New Year congratulations!!!

We wish you all the happiness!

To live to you this year

Without sadness and worries.

Let the New Year’s, Santa Claus

Bring happiness to the whole cart.

Good health in the bargain,

In everything conceived – good luck,

Peace, friendship, happiness, caress,

For life to be like a fairy tale!!!

Happy new year greetings 2021

May the New Year on the threshold bring you as many ambitious plans and solutions for their implementation as possible, bright creative insights and innovative ideas.

Let the desire to move forward, energy and determination to achieve its accompany you all year.

And may that warm home corner, which allows you to recuperate, be the most comfortable, and may it always wait for those most important people whose eyes with love and tenderness look at you, inspiring to the primacy and victory.

Making plans for the coming year, we always hope for the best, dream, make wishes.

I would like to wish that everything that you wished and made for the New Year is fulfilled! So that you and your loved ones are healthy and happy, so that good luck accompanies you in business, so that love surrounds and fills you and your home!

So that bad weather passes by, and the sun always shines overhead, warming and giving a good mood! May this year be full of fulfilled hopes, goals achieved and pleasant discoveries. Happy New Year!

May the New Year be generous,
May it not happily
be fortunate, Let it light the stars on time,
In order for all Your desires to come true.
New year, like magic!
People say
that as you meet him,
and spend.I wish you to have fun
The whole night long
Let the sparkling sparkle
And the soul sings!Let the smiles surround, The
heart of sweet faces,
And the eyes of all shine
With happiness without boundaries!

Happy new year greetings

Congratulations on the New Year,
From our hearts we wish everyone:
That the children
would be healthy, There would be peace on the whole planet.So that the heart does not suffer,
Like a clock, it knocks.
So that the pressure was normal
And we were always in shape.Veins to be healthy,
Blood freely carried out.
The stones themselves to crush
And without pain were derived.So that the joints do not break,
The body so that it is mobile.
And so pain in the lower back
We could not even dream.

So that bronchitis and colitis,
Yes, and all the other “ity”,
With us did not lead the friendship, the
party around us.

Not violated so that the “attack”
Gastrointestinal tract.
And so that flatulence does
not penetrate our bodies.

Forever to disappear
Hateful caries.
His throat was vociferous,
But he did not ask for medicine.

And the diseases of our eyes
Also, let us pass.
Kilograms extra now
It was not to mention.

To the attraction to each other
Do not run out of the spouses.
Appetite so that the grandchildren
Was stronger. Then the wolf cubs.

Who will see great-great-grandchildren, He will be called a hero.
I repeat again and again:
May God grant us all health!


Allow me, dear friend,
Happy New Year to congratulate you!
You and I are far apart,
Let the leaf replace me.
Be, as before, fun and sweet,
And forever be happy!
On this night, New Year, moon
All the worries you forget.
And under the ring of unfinished glasses
Come a minute to the window,
Let the snowflake kiss you,
Because I myself can not …
Happy New Year, congratulations,
On the first sunny day of January.
Let the fluffy snow snowflake
Kiss you for me!


Congratulations on the year 2021,
I wish to live, love and smile,
And I have no doubt in my abilities,
What you want to achieve and achieve,
And of course, you can’t stay without friends,
Let this year 2021
Let the ocean swim in happiness,
Let it let life enjoy!

Happy new year greetings

And as if by magic, The
number eight changes to nine, The
time for congratulations is coming,
And I want to believe in a miracle with all my heart, I want
it for you,
Happy New Year, joy and happiness,
It will be the best, I know it for sure,
Especially the pig is now in power!
White blizzard whirls,
And tangerines on the table,
Decorated with spruce worthy,
And everything you need to eat in verse,
I wish this New Year,
So that there was happiness and love,
Health, life without hassle,
And just joy again and again!
This is a miracle, this is magic,
White snow and the Christmas tree are all shining,
It’s easy and good at heart
It gathers all the loved ones together, And the main wishes for it are,
Health of strong and great happiness,
Happy New Year, let this year,
On your path they will fall out cards of the right suit!
Already wags his tail around the bend,
And the pig pulls his penny, I
congratulate you happy New Year,
And I wish you prosperity for the future,
Let the year 2021,
A lot of happiness will bring to heaven,
And I ask you not to doubt,
A lot of miracles await!
The year of the pig comes, The
year of the little yellow pig,
Congratulations accept,
While the firecrackers are
firing, I wish you a
Huge wealth,
Let the pig help,
And let them live sweet!
And U.S!
And all kind of!
Separately and in general!
Happy New Year! In the sense of – happiness!
With new happiness! That is, here with what:
With a new roof! With a new home!
With a new pancake! With a new lump!
With the new truth! Happy new dream!
With a new pile up the bottom!
With a new business! With a new word!
Anglers – with a new cool!
Careerists – with a new rank!
Mom and Dad – with a new son!
Loggers – with a new grove!
New sons – with the new mother-in-law!
New Russian – with a new car!
With a new bank bundle!
Bureaucrats – with a new folder!
Hairy – with a new hat!
Bald – with a new cap!
Grandfather and grandmother – with a new turnip!
Zodiac – with a new sign!
Greek in the river – with a new cancer!
Don Juan – with a new sweetheart!
Veterans – with a new power!
Businessmen – with a new takeoff!
With a new bank! With a new account!
Cooks – with a new taste!
Exporters – with a new course!
Bombardier – with a new goal!
Transvestites – with a new floor!
Astronauts – with a new vysyu!
Thoughtus – with a new thought!
Chess players – with a new move!
Happy New Year to you!
Musicians – with a new sound!
Papuas – with the new Cook!
Captains – with a new cook!
Presidents – with a new term!
Deputies – with a new Duma!
Who is for the money – with a new amount!
Birdies – with a new bird!
Ml. sergeants – with a new girly!
Generals – with a new part!
You – once again with new happiness!
Subordinates – with a new boss!
Programmers – with the new DOS!
Weak-willed – with a new dose!
Hatha Yoga – with a new pose!
Brewers – with a new wort!
Restructuring – with a new channel!
Unemployed – with a new place!
Tili-tili – with a new test!
Steelmakers – with a new fusion!
Having stayed – with the new help!
Thinner – with a new form!
Former sober – with the new norm!
Tied up – with a new measure!
Atheists – with a new faith!
Residents – with the new code!
All of you – Happy New Year again!
With a new song! With a new dance!
Divorced – with a new chance!
Wives favorite – with a new coat!
Uncle Sam – with a new Cuba!
Selfless – with a new bunker!
Reduced – with the new Labor Code!
Theater – with a new drama!
Mom with soap – with a new frame!
Journalists – with a new ear!
Mediums – with a new spirit!
Chukchi – with a new anecdote,
Rushing – with a new turn!
Those who bought the pack – with a new suit!
All of you – again with new happiness!

Happy new year greetings 2020

I wish NEW YEAR, Vodka
Distillery , Crumpled Bucks 2 cars,
Our money 3 Lemons!
Holidays for 10 months over the hill!
Yacht, Lexus New Brand, Diamonds a whole cart!
To these all gifts Santa Claus brought you!
Happy New Year!…
May all the good things come true,
that the stars will prophesy, the
wishes will all be fulfilled
and will be as you wish !!!
If, on New Year’s Eve, a
strange guest comes to you:
Someone with a white beard,
In a red fur hat,
With a long staff in hand
And with gifts in a bag,
With a loud laugh, with a kind look …
So you don’t need to drink anymore.
The monkey ran away,
We had fun with her,
And now we are honored,
Meet the more important bird, A
rooster flies on our wings,
In its beak we have happiness,
And abundant wealth,
Hello, hello New Year!
Soon the new 2021 will come! Year of the Dog.
The New Year is a favorite winter holiday that not only children but also adults are looking forward to. Like most countries of the world, we see off the old one and meet the coming year on the night of December 31 to January 1.He came to us with the Decree of Peter I, who commanded to celebrate this holiday with fun, fun, and entertainment. The great King, copying European customs, ordered the trees at the gates to be decorated with various ornaments and burning candles. And now the fluffy green spruce is the main symbol of the New Year festivities.On the eve of the holiday, it is customary to send Happy New Year greetings to mom, dad, girlfriend, acquaintances, loved ones, friends and colleagues. They traditionally wish that all the worst will remain in the old, outgoing year, and in the coming year, everything will come true, even the most cherished dreams.


Let him give New Year,
Many joyful worries.
Let the fun bring!
In this year we wish you:
Never be discouraged,
Your happiness to find
And to keep stronger!
Everything that has begun – to finish,
All that I want – to buy,
And all the bold ideas, to
you, to translate into reality!

Happy new year greetings

Another wonderful year has passed,
In which he sang and was sad,
And that which did not fit in him,
Let everything happen in the new.
Hours go by, days pass, –
Such a law of nature,
And today I want to wish you a
Happy New Year!
I wish you with all my heart
In the coming new year of
Health, happiness, new forces,
Successes at work.
We wish you excellent health,
fun, joy, good.
Let all the bad remain
In the past year forever.
“Happy New Year, Happy New Year!” –
Exclaim all around.
Under the high firmament
The album opens.
Binding window shadows
All patterns embroidered.
On the outskirts of the villages
Mysterious forest stands.
Father Frost is dear long
He got stuck in the snowdrifts,
But he
decorated the hall with a Christmas tree Festively decorated the hall,
And he poured the mischievous
Sequins into the trees.
Adults will be weekends,
and holidays –
In the morning a wonderful moment
Without throwing and worries It
will become an occasion for something
Calendar new year:
Someone will buy a trinket
And put it to crystal glass.
Someone gently in his ear
Says: “I love you.”
Someone will call friends.
Who, sitting at the ottoman,
Will be at the photo album
Shift sheets.
Happy New Year! Happy New Year!
Let us stand, life thanks,
With the first sun rising
Early in the morning of January!
The old year is
leaving. The last page is rustling.
Let the best that was not leave
And the worst cannot happen again!
Let the smell of resinous Christmas trees
Wake up the happiness of a dream,
And a holiday with a snowflake clean
In the palm of your hand come down from a height!
Happy New Year!!!
I wish that Santa Claus
Bag brought you health.
The second bag – with a laugh,
And the third let – with success.
Your sadness, your longing.
Put you in a bag to him.
Let him collect all this
And take him into the forest with him !!!

Happy New Year!

I will not wish you wealth, prosperity, success.
This is all tinsel. With this, you will not be happy in any way.
I want to wish you a childish happy laugh
And I want to wish you a great love from the heart.

That in souls the infinite bright summer
blossomed Spicy smell of fields and exciting, the whisper of forests.
After all, in fact, for happiness, it is important that this is exactly
And in no way finances or the thickness of wallets.

I wish that close people always were near,
To be trusted, and most importantly, to believe in you.
I do not wish hope that happiness will ever be
Let it be with you. Present. Here and now.

Basically, we are healthy. Extremities in the complete set.
Well, with a head not so good to be friends, but still not enemies.
Evening let it be gentle. And the day is interesting and bright.
And so that you get up every morning with the right foot.

So that you were capable of great madness.
That it was not difficult to save, share, help.
To the black wing did not touch your grief and war.
A small dirty trick simply pushed away.

Happy New Year! Let’s be a little bit like children
On this magical night. And we believe in miracles.
After all, in fact, for happiness, the main thing is exactly that.
And yet, so that hope and faith shone eyes.

Let the salute burst out! Let the fireworks soar!
We are like a sled ride in the 16th year!
Let the old happiness stay with us forever,
And the 15th will take away all the failures!

Let the snowflakes shower you,
Let your eyelashes turn white!
Happy New Year to you Happy New Year of
Happiness and the Year of Love!

We hope you guys like our effort and these Happy new year greetings 2021 help you to wish your friends, family members and others. For more update stay with Us. Thank You

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